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Need a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of life? Imagine you are riding in a convertible through the French countryside, the wind tousling your hair, the smell of lavender fields working their aromatherapy, the sun shining warm and bright in the sky, birds singing boldly and you without a care in the world just soaking it all in.
This feeling of freedom is one of the aspects of French Country that makes it so appealing. Another reason is that it is not overly complicated yet you can create a place where you love to escape, a place that until now has only been in your dreams.
Let’s look at some fairly simple ways you can start decorating your living room in French Country style today.

Create a Focal Point

You need a focal point; a place where a person’s eye will be drawn as soon as they step in the room. It could be a large mirror, especially if you have a smaller living room and want to make the space look larger. You could also use a large, noticeable piece of artwork. The color and technique will draw the eye toward it.
A fireplace is an automatic focal point, so if you have one you can place the large mirror or piece of artwork on the mantel to give the room a larger feel as well as make the ceilings look taller.

On Display

A blank wall can display more than simply paint. Hang a collection of framed black and white photos, or add different sized mirrors, or a tapestry with the colors of the French Countryside. “And what are those?” you might ask. Well, look for golden yellow, barn red, grass green and royal blue. Touches of lavender and pink are acceptable, too.

Lighten Up

Let the sun shine. Obtain all the natural lighting you can by using sheers, valances, shutters or wood blinds on your windows. If your view is unattractive you can always cover the windows with curtains. When using lighting in the living room, most people make the mistake of relying strictly on overhead lighting. However, this type of lighting can be harsh and not conducive to relaxation.
You can soften the space by using lamps of different heights and different bulb watts throughout the room. You can also use recessed or track lighting, wall sconces, and floor lamps.

Country Floor Lamp


Bookshelves are an inexpensive, open storage and display space. Fill them with two-thirds books and one-third collectibles, framed photos or other decor. You need covered storage, too, to hide clutter.
And speaking of clutter, remember that you do not have to fill every bit of space with stuff. “Breathing” space is actually more visually appealing. Brighten display shelves with glass vases, mirrored photo frames, and other reflective surfaces. And don’t forget to incorporate some of the French Country themes such as roosters, pottery, ceramic vases, fruit, and flowers.

Get Organized

French Country style can get you organized? You bet! You can easily organize stuff that tends to end up near the front door: mail, cell phones, purses, keys, backpacks by using an assortment of baskets (woven or wire), plus hooks, cubbies, and more. Ensure that these additional storage spaces are easy to reach so it’s more likely everyone will use them.

Comfortable Furniture

Look for pieces of upholstered furniture. Old World European furniture typically had thin carved frames with upholstered seats and cushions. Choose this style for the sofa and/or armchairs. It doesn’t need to be on every piece of furniture. Everything in moderation. Fabric colors can be a combination of red and white, blue and white, or red and gold.

French Wingback Chair

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is another material that helps channel French Country style. Whether it’s iron planters tucked into a corner of the room, windows decorated with elegant wrought iron drapery rods or an antique style mirror with wrought iron borders, it all helps to create that authentic style feeling.


Use rustic rugs, plain hardwood, or white painted hardwood for the floors. If you opt for a rug, choose a dark, earth-toned rug that is not too noticeable. It helps create an inviting atmosphere without overpowering the rest of the room.
Living rooms decorated in French country style are rustic, elegant, and inviting. They create a wonderful ambience and a welcoming place to gather with family and friends.

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