Human Investment: Why Supporting Your Employees Is Key To Business Success

Human Investment: Why Supporting Your Employees is Key to Business Success

In any workplace, employees make up the backbone of a company. Employees are needed in every sector of business from handling customer enquiries to handling client transactions. With any commercial establishment, the end goal is to increase revenue. Now, this can be done by addressing several factors, such as redirecting marketing efforts, improving business/client relations or coming up with new products and services. All these areas are addressed by having a team of staff that can focus on each of these individual fields.

Hiring Practices: Quality is More Important Than Quantity

Nearly all successful CEO and entrepreneurs understand that the key to success is to recruit new members who can become a valuable asset to the team. Some industries may simply hire as many employees as they can, believing that more is better. While having more employees definitely means you can reach a greater audience in lesser time, you also have to be sure that the effort is converting to sales. This is especially true for companies engaged in retail or telesales. You need employees that not only reach out to potential future customers but can also speak their language, so to speak. This means establishing a strong rapport with the people they reach out to rather than just going straight to hard sell mode.

Why Having The Best Employees for the Job Counts

More employees do not equal better results. It is better to focus your hiring efforts by hiring fewer employees who are more qualified. Ideally, the team you bring in to your workforce should have a background in sales, marketing, public relations or a similar field. Also be willing to recruit those who may not have the experience but exhibit enthusiasm, ability to learn and think quickly and are highly adaptable to various scenarios.

Sure, by having fewer members, you may not cover as much ground, but you will certainly see higher conversions whether it be in the form of increased sales, further customer enquiry or higher traffic to your website.

Invest in Making Your Employees as Productive as They can Be

Even those with an impressive work portfolio should still receive additional training to better pitch the company’s product or service to an audience. Telesales training covers all the basics of what to say and not to say when contacting people by phone or via Web conferencing. Keep in mind that people receive multiple telesales calls a day, and most probably find it a nuisance to the point where they will just hang up the minute they realize it is just another sales call. While you can’t make the person on the other end listen to your call, you are more likely to get their attention by using soft sell tactics.

Hard Sell vs. Soft Sell

When people feel like a product is being shoved down their throat, they are less likely to respond in a favorable manner. Ranting on about how good a product or service is will do little to persuade a customer. When hard selling to a customer, he or she may also feel pressured and feel that the call is unsolicited and unwelcome. Hard selling, however, is more direct and straight to the point and may actually resonate with some people. The problem is that the caller is often seen as too pushy and can rub people the wrong way.

Soft selling, on the other hand, focuses more on slowly building up a relationship with the person on the other end. Conversations may begin by asking the person how they are doing or asking them a question that can serve as a lead-in to talk about the product or service. Soft selling is not just done over the phone but can also be done through live conferences, teleseminars, blogs or social networks. Others may also find that the best approach is actually a balance or middle path between hard and soft selling.

Your Employees are the Lifeline of Your Business

Invest in your employees and they will perform their job in a way that produces results. Telesales training focuses on the best proven methods and strategies for interacting with customers through a variety of mediums and generating higher conversions and customer retention.