Quick and Easy Post Workout Foods

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A healthy post-workout snack will only enhance the results of your training. Many people tend to overeat after they leave the gym. It is understandable that you feel hungry and need to restore the energy in your body, however, you need to be careful with your post-workout snacks.  The right food will help your body convert carbohydrates from food into glycogen to produce more energy and improve your muscle strength.

You probably have already noticed that every time you have a heavy post-workout dinner with your friends, you nullify all your gym achievements. It is not difficult to prepare a nutritious post-workout food. You need to find the right balance and avoid heavy and fatty food. Here are some quick tips for your post-workout snack:


Tuna meat is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. If you’re going to a restaurant with your friends after an extensive Friday night workout session, consider ordering a grilled tuna steak with some brown rice. Keep it simple, yet tasty.

If you’re planning on eating at home, simply open a water-packed tuna can and mix it with a little bit of mayo, mustard and corn. Spread this mixture over tortilla bread, or whole-grain crackers or chips. This quick post-workout snack will help you deal with your hunger.

A bit of the Middle East

Hummus and pita bread were just made for each other. You can learn how to make hummus at home, or buy this delicious dip in any organic food store in your area. Hummus is a great source of protein, while pita bread will give you enough carbs. You can also eat your hummus dip with carrot sticks or celery.

Don’t be afraid to experiment at home. When you make a hummus dip on your own, you can try adding different ingredients for better taste. You can find a perfect balance between olive oil, garlic and tahina. Some people like it oily, others prefer their hummus with a lot of garlic.

Turkey Sandwich

In case you don’t have enough time to cook, or go to a restaurant after the gym, you can always grab a turkey sandwich from the closest deli store. A combination of lean turkey meat and whole-grain bread is perfect for a post-workout snack. You can add some tomatoes and lettuce to get extra vitamins. Avoid putting too much mayo in your sandwich, as mayonnaise is a source of unhealthy fats.

Nuts and Dried Fruit

If you’re running late, it doesn’t mean you should skip your food. You can still eat healthy even though you’re short on time. Dried fruit and nuts are extremely nutritious. Grab a bag of dried bananas and cashew nuts on your way out. Dried fruit will provide you with sufficient amount of carbohydrates, while nuts will give you enough proteins and healthy fats to survive through the busy day.

Fruit and Cheese

Any kind of cheese is high in protein and calcium. Healthy proteins and fats are the building blocks of muscle mass. You can eat cheese with apple or orange slices. A combination of cheese and fruit will restore the energy in your body.

Berries and Yogurt

Non-sweetened yoghurt is another source of calcium and proteins. Mix your yoghurt with frozen berries and fresh fruit. A bowl of fruit salad will give you enough proteins, carbs and antioxidants to restore your energy.

Your body will need to restore the energy after an intense gym workout. That is why you need to choose the right snacks. Even though you’ve completed your gym routine, and said ‘good-bye’ to the elliptical machine, your body will still convert carbs into glycogen for another 30 minutes. The right combination of carbohydrates and proteins from food will improve the muscle growth.