Top 10 Most Beautiful Women Over 55

There are few certainties in life, but aging is one of them. We invest in covering stubborn greys, plumping up wrinkles, and seeking treatments for every hint of aging, but no one eludes the inevitable. Experts say one of the keys to successful aging however, is not about the wrinkles or hair – it’s about attitude and accepting change.
We love debating who’s most beautiful so here’s a top ten list but this is one with a slight twist. I think you’ll appreciate that it’s not just about surface beauty; this is a list of women who are beautiful both inside and out.
These are our top picks for most beautiful women over age fifty-five.

Jane Seymour

At 62 Jane Seymour is stunning as she models wedding dresses by designer Erika Suess. Seymour is proud of her wrinkles saying they give her face character. She does Pilates, eats small portions, and attributes her youthful figure to her dedication to health and fitness.


The original supermodel, redefined and era more than 40 years ago when at age 16, sporting a boyish haircut she took the fashion world by storm. Photographers called her a breath of fresh air exuding confidence and charm. Today at age 63, Twiggy has not had cosmetic surgery and tells her interviewer that age is just a number – there’s nothing you can do about getting older so no point moaning about it!

Olivia Newton-John

Fans of Grease and blue denim also love Olivia. The English-Australian singer songwriter born in 1948 has four Grammys and scores of Top Ten Billboard singles. In 2008 at age 60, a breast cancer survivor and advocate for breast cancer research, she raised the funds for Melbourne’s Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre.

Reba McEntire

At 58, the beautiful Reba McEntire is still reining queen of country music. More than fifty years in the limelight hasn’t gone to her head and Reba says about herself, ‘I can get spunky and I can get tough, but sexy? No, what you see is what you get.’

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda now 73, has protested wars, spoken against violence toward women and serves on the board in the organization she co-founded – the Women’s Media Center. Her exercise videos of the 80s helped inspire women to be their best and stay fit at any age!

Fran Drescher

At age 56 Fran Drescher, known as Fran Fine of The Nanny, is a cancer survivor and an outspoken healthcare advocate. In her book ‘Cancer Schmancer’, Drescher encourages men and women battling cancer and she is noted for her work with the US State Department as a public diplomacy envoy for Women’s Health Issues.

Tina Turner

Her singing career has spanned more than 50 years, and Tina Turner has been called queen of rock and is one of the most successful female rock artists of all time. She’s sold more concert tickets than any solo performer in history and at a beautiful age 73, Turner is the oldest person to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Helen Mirren

Born in 1945, Helen Mirren is the only actress that can say she has portrayed both Queens Elizabeth on screen. She seems to get more beautiful with age and we all admire her shiny natural silver-grays.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Not quite 55 but at 54 Jamie Lee Curtis is an inspiration to embrace our natural gray! Curtis told Marie Claire that she loves not coloring routinely and her hair color is a non-issue to those around her.

Jaclyn Smith

She was voted in a 1979 McCall’s Magazine Poll, as having a face most women would like to have. Jaclyn Smith has also been named one of the most beautiful women in the world and fashion critic, Richard Blackwell, once referred to her as the world’s best-dressed woman! Today at 67, Jaclyn Smith still has a face many women would love to have!
There are many beautiful and inspiring women over 55 but these women reflect an attitude women everywhere may admire – and each one seems to be taking the inevitable process of aging in stride.
Written by Alice Lucette
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