Features Of The Best Gas Barbeque Grills

A gas barbeque grill can be one of the best investments that you will make. It allows you to make gourmet style meals on your own with great tastes and without any hassle. However, before you can accomplish that, you must know what the bets gas grills offer you. For just that, we have compiled a list of the features that the best in the market offer you.

High Quality and Durable Grates & Burners

The burners are amongst the most replaced parts of any gas barbeque smoker. While most models offer you basic steel burners with just a few years of warranty that will not be enough if you are looking to invest in a gas barbeque grill for the long term. Some of the best barbeque grills in the market, such as the Weber Genesis 6532001 E-330 come with stainless steel burners backed by a warranty of 10 years. This is an indication that they will last a long time without any frequent replacement hassles.

Similarly, the grates should also be made of a durable material.  Grills Forever recommends on going in for cast-iron grates that are coated with a stronger material, such as porcelain enamel, for high performance and durability.

Safety in Operation and Construction

There are several factors in the construction that can take care of your safety concerns. The stability of the grill will prevent tipping to ensure safety while usage. Avoid going in for grills that have sharp edges and metal corners. The handle of the grill should be placed such that your fingers or knuckles are not very close to the lid while opening it. A bit of flame flare is not a problem, but look for a grill where the distance between the burners & grates or the flavorizer bars is greater, for this will help to decrease the flare ups.

BTU Ratings

BTUs/hr or British thermal units per hour is an indication of the amount of heat that the grill can create. A greater number of BTU/hr does not necessarily indicate a faster preheat or better results in cooking, you should still pay attention to this number. For the main burner, a 38,000 BTU-per-hour input should be ideal, while for the side burner (if present), anything in the range of 10,000 to 12,000 BTU per hour should be sufficient.

Fuel Choices and Versatility

While some models run exclusively on a single type of fuel (generally liquid propane), many models have versatility in this aspect. For instance, the Weber Genesis 6532001 E-330 can be used with liquid propane or natural gas. To use it with natural gas, you only have to fix a 10-foot natural gas hose with it, which is provided free with the smoker. In areas where you may have a natural gas supply in your home, this type of feature is a great advantage.

Primary and Secondary Cooking Areas

The entire point of having a gas grill is lost if it cannot make sufficient food for you and your guests. This is why you should ensure that the variant you select has sufficient primary cooking area as per your requirements. In addition to that, a grill that has an additional warming rack can also be an added advantage- since you can use it to heat any sides or sauces for having along with your meals.

Thus, you now know what the best grills like the Weber Genesis 6532001 E-330 offer. These features will help you on your search for the ideal gas grill in the market, and help you secure an investment that will pay delicious dividends for many years to come!

Data Source: Grills Forever