Instagram and Pinterest: What Are The Differences? How To Choose?

SMEs present your photos are very important nowadays. The photos are easily viewable, unlike videos, and they can be shared with a click.

Instagram and Pinterest, two platforms for sharing pictures are great tools for presenting your small visually. They help to show the dark side of your business and to make a profit. Customers love it! How to choose between these two platforms? As with any strategy, it is necessary to think before acting. This article helps you to make a choice!

Instagram and Pinterest: Small Summary

Instagram is a service for sharing photos and videos, localized, real-time mobile belonging to Facebook. It allows you to add effects to your photos, making it (almost) any nice picture! Instagram is basically an only available on iPhone and Android mobile application. A web version is now available and can only see your photos and those of other users. With Instagram, you create your own content.

Pinterest , can share your interests, passions, hobbies, through photographs collected from the Internet or created yourself. You pin, you organize, you republish, and you share. For your small business with Pinterest it is interesting to create your own content, and more photos to show your interests and create your universe.

Like any social network, with both platforms you can subscribe to user profiles and track their activities.

Instagram vs. Pinterest: how to choose?

Here are 4 Steps to make a choice between these Two Platforms:

1. Think about your Target

There sure is not much of statistics for users in US. It seems however that all generations can be found on Pinterest, while Instagram users tend to be young (18-34 years). To Pinterest, the statistics are very different on the user profile for the United States and some European countries. The job is not the same on both continents. On one hand, users are mostly women, on the other hand, in Britain for example, the ratio of men – women are rather equal. The sights are also different: rather fashion, cooking, DIY in the USA, but rather venture capital, design, marketing in Britain.

2. Determine your Goals

With Instagram, photos rather have a creative nature and can enrich your company history. With Pinterest, you show your interests and you can create a supply of traffic to your website, particularly useful for online stores.

3. Set your mode of use

On Instagram, your photos are automatically public. We must move your account in private mode to show your pictures only to people who follow you. On Pinterest all your content is public, without the possibility of restriction. If you choose Pinterest, pay attention to create a Business account. It will allow, for example, to link your website to your Pinterest account and vice-versa, and to have access to your statistics Pinterest. Instagram does not offer the ability to create a business account, but some features enable you to make professional use. If you are looking forward to buy instagram followers then you can do it easily by hiring some experienced people you can provide you desired followers for your business.

4. Consider the Popularity of Platforms

In US, Instagram is growing. Indeed, Google searches for the term “Instagram”, while searches for the term “Pinterest” seem sluggish. However, it is up to you to decide if you want to be a follower and you start where people are, where so if you want to be a pioneer and bring your customers where you are.

Understand how to analyze your business and content to maximize engagement on your page. “Instagram followers” Promising, inevitably, gave its pending acquisition by Facebook. An action that is intended to compensate the weaknesses of social network.