Lake Powell Houseboats

With about 3-million visitors a year, Lake Powell has shown supremacy over other attractions in the regions, with multiple services, facilities and amenities close to the recreational area, and particularly in Page City, Arizona. However, the Glen Canyon National has certain limitations that can make it an uncomfortable camping experience within the Lake Powell region.
We are talking about human or pet waste, which burying in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is prohibited. Although marinas and most rental facilities offer a porta-potty that must be returned empty and clean, renting a houseboat is better to manage this eventuality, and particularly useful when planning more than an overnight stay.
But houseboating is more than potty facilities, featuring a completely new perspective of Lake Powell, since there are no restrictions on where visitors can stay, except in the Navajo Nation, over Rainbow Bridge National Monument area, where a permit must be obtained at the Navajo Fish & Wildlife Department, phone (928) 871-6451 Window Rock, Arizona.
Staring at the night sky while floating on the secluded areas of Lake Powell is a once-in-a-life experience. There is a primary houseboat provider serving the region, ARAMARK, that also provides visitors with diverse lodging and waste facilities, rentals, and fuel, as well as engineering and maintenance of the lake.
As a single rental concessionaire, ARAMARK provides houseboat rentals, although you can also buy a houseboat or share one of them, the activity commonly referred as a time-share, describing the shared-ownership of a boat, particularly useful to getting a luxurious floating vacation home that otherwise is out of the range for most individual’s average budget.
Some houseboats are so expensive that they are shared with up to 30 different owners that plan together the time when each family will be using the houseboat, sharing as well the storage, upkeep, and enjoyment of a top-quality floating house. However, safe boating must prevail and it is recommended to not drink when boating on the lake.
Over 80% of all fatalities that occurred on Lake Powell in the past years are attributed to alcohol abuse onboard any boat facility. Another big risk is Carbon Monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless gas that is produced by internal combustion engines, like those propelling houseboats. The second cause of accidents in Lake Powell and other lakes is attributed to Carbon Monoxide.
The US Coast Guard recently recalled the replacement of rear-venting generators, for safer “side-venting” systems to prevent accidents. Houseboat rentals on Lake Powell abide with this requirement and have Carbon Monoxide detectors in their cabins, although you should follow the directions of the houseboat instructor, and review the safety instructions for houseboats.
Planning ahead is important if you require more than one houseboat. Some families and companies reserve three or more houseboats to accommodate their guests when celebrating an event such as a wedding, team work seminars, or a Fourth of July weekend. The more time in advance reserving a houseboat, the easier it is to meet your requirements in length of stay, accommodations and boat type.
Multi-owner Ownership
If you are interested in purchasing a multi-owner ownership, these are a few of those houseboats available, including their launch and/or retrieval services in Lake Powell:
Lakeview Yacht, Wahweap Marina
P.O box 8000-303, Page, Arizona 86040, phone 1-800-572-5701
American Waterways Houseboat, Antelope Point
P.O. Box 454, Parowan, Utah 84761, phone (435) 590-9885
Stardust Cruiser “Anasazi Sunset,” Wahweap Marina
6794 South 1300 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84121, phone (801) 403-8787
68.5 x 16 Sumerset, Marina Wahweap
2561 Barcelona Drive, Sandy, Utah 84093, phone (801) 733-9639
2002 59′ Atlantis Houseboat, Lake Powell Marine, Page, Arizona
23404 W. Lyons Avenue #451, Newhall, California 91321, phone (818) 324-3558
Myacht 58′, Bullfrog Dry Storage Marina
P.O. Box 3238, Breckenridge, Colorado 80424, phone (970) 485-1214
1978 Holiday mansion. Bullfrog Marina
23491 CR 4117, Frankston, Texas 75763, phone (903) 876-5250
Skipperliner Sundance Catamaran, Halls Crossing Marina
359 E. 11800 S., Draper Utah 84020, phone 801-562-5401
“Cruise a Home”, Hall’s Crossing Marina
2908 E. 3rd Ave., Denver, Co 80206, phone (303) 377-1414
16′ X 73′ Stardust Cruiser, Antelope Point
540 S 4th Street, Grover Beach, California, phone (805) 710-4901
16’ x 66’ Desert Shore, Wahweap Marina
481 Cold Canyon Rd., Calabasas, Ca 91302, phone (818) 222-2744
Clyde West is a travel writer who lives in Key West . He enjoys snorkeling there on his days off.