4 Reasons Every Adult Should Consider Cannabis for Increased Health and Well-Being

Before modern medicine came around, humans used countless plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms to temporarily—even permanently, in some cases—quell their physical and mental health issues. One of the most popular plants grown as medicine by humans throughout our civilized history is cannabis, also called pot, weed, or marijuana. Historians have found evidence of cannabis in long-gone Japanese human dwellings from 10,000 years ago, though we know it was written about as early as 2727 BC. Either way, cannabis has been used as a source of rope, food, medicine, and recreation for a very long time. Let’s look into four major reasons why every fully-grown man and woman should think about consuming cannabis for its health benefits.

You Love Public Speaking, Don’t You?

In 2017, the University of Illinois at Chicago found that consuming small doses of tetrahydrocannabinol, the most prevalent alkaloid in cannabis that is also responsible for much of the plant’s recreational effects, prior to bouts of public speaking. Three of the most effective ways to improve as a speaker include practicing extensively, analyzing video recordings of one’s self, and living a healthy lifestyle as a means of reducing anxiety. Make sure that you take a small dose of marijuana before each practice session so you won’t experience first-flight anxiety at your speaking event.

Cannabis Has Utility as an Opioid Substitute

First things first—if you don’t currently use opioids, don’t start using them! However, if you do use them, know that cannabis has been named as an effective alternative to opioids. It limits withdrawal symptoms and lowers the likelihood of relapse. Further, dropping opioids in exchange for cannabis will instantly make your life expectancy shoot through the roof.

Mental Health Problems Could Melt Away

Depression, anxiety, and stress are the “big three” of modern mental health problems. Keep in mind that although cannabis may worsen depressive symptoms over the long run, short-term, responsible cannabis use aimed at these three issues is an effective medicine. Washington State University published a study in Apr. 2018 that supported the above claim, as well as that high-CBD and low-THC strains were best for depression. Whether you visit a medical or recreational cannabis dispensaries, you’ll be privy to every variety’s cannabinoid breakdowns. Knowing this info will allow you to pick one or more strains to most appropriately treat your mental health issues.

Cannabis is Exercise’s Best Friend

Dr. Jordan Tishler, a cannabis-and-exercise expert, knows that using marijuana prior to performing repetitive exercises can encourage you to work out for longer. Further, Tishler believes that beginners getting into fitness can use weed to enjoy themselves more thoroughly, thereby helping them stay motivated and on track.
Cannabis is one of planet Earth’s most popular psychoactive substances, if not the most popular one. While it can cause high blood pressure, and even trigger schizophrenia, the vast majority of cannabis use is both medically and anecdotally positive.