You Should Know: How To Beat Buffet Binging

Buffets are everyone’s favorite, even picky eaters. However, it is not the best location for healthy choices. Usually, calories, saturated fat, added sugar of sodium could be found in most buffet food. More substances make sense, especially when it’s on the second and third trip for food already. It becomes a challenge to make smart choices when eating at a buffet.

Depending on the buffet restaurant a person goes to, but usually, the buffet tables are lined semi-circle or in a long array of food. Tables that can accommodate buffets are easily found online on sites such as Focus on Furniture. Buffets offer different kinds of food for the different type of people. However, making a choice of what to eat is challenging.

Here are simple steps to make sure of healthy choices while at a buffet.

Tip 1

First, if possible do not go to a party or buffet when starving. Try eating an apple and drinking a glass of water for about 30 minutes before you officially go. The 60-80 calories from the apple will save you hundreds of calories. It will give the mind smart choices of what to eat.

Tip 2

Upon arriving at the venue, always try to walk around, without a plate and survey the area. While walking, eye some food that looks delicious, not the ones that you can live without eating.

Be sure to check the dessert table, well, sweet can be everyone’s guilty pleasure. If something looks tempting, then make a mental note to have a portion of it later. Now grab a plate and choose the things that you want to eat, not the ones that are there for grabbing.

Tip 3

When choosing the utensils, keep in mind to use smaller plates and glasses. It helps in avoiding taking too much food. When people are using smaller dinnerware, it makes them think that they are eating the regular sized. However, they are eating a less portion. They will feel full after finishing a plate.

Tip 4

Also, make sure the first stop in buffets will be in the salad bar. Pile the plate with green and colorful leafy vegetables and add some dressing. Adding a few nuts and whole grain croutons are fine as well. Eating salad first will help avoid overeating other high-calorie food choices.

Tip 5

If possible, choose foods that are low-calorie and are nutritious. Mostly, the most nutritious items are the unprocessed, fresh and whole or the ones simply prepared. Avoid processed foods because they usually lack in nutrients compared to whole food. Stick with foods that are steamed, grilled, broiled or baked. The type of dishes usually has lesser fats compared to deep fried items. Pasta often contains excess salt and added fat.

Tip 6

Sit far away from the buffet tables. Concentrate on your friends instead on eating. If possible, sit at the farthest table. It will be a hell of a trip coming back and forth to get food.

Tip 7

Keep the portions small. It will allow the person to eat a wider variety while minimizing the calories consumed. To avoid overeating, fill the plate half-full and eat slowly. If still feeling hungry, then go back and have some more.


People are always driven to choose more by paying less. All-you-can-eat buffets are good choices to eat and pay a lesser price. However, it can also give a negative impact on the health. By thinking about healthy benefits that buffets offer, then people can also learn to manage and eat smart while enjoying food in buffets.