Gran Canaria Airport: Centerpiece Of The Canary Islands

For some travelers, if they want to get to any one of the multitude of the Canary Islands, a stopover at the Gran Canaria Airport is the first stop. For those in the know, Gran Canaria may well be their destination. There are a lot of popular spots you can visit in Gran Canaria. From theme parks to beaches, alligator farms and more, Gran Canaria may well be the destination for you and your family. Of course, being a popular tourist destination means that there are dozens of ways to get around, but for the most freedom in when to leave and where to drive, your best bet is a car rental.
Holiday World
Holiday World is the theme park of the region. Among some of the many attractions at this fantastic destination are the twenty seven meter Ferris wheel, the rollercoaster, electric cars, animal shows. When the rides are  rode, and the kids want to do something else, Holiday world also has a lake where you can charter a boat, swim, playgrounds for the kids, pony rides, a go-karting track, a bowling alley with arcade center, and for the adults who have had their fill of amusements, there is a spa. At night, there are concerts, performances, and nightclubs that are open until midnight to two in the morning. Parking is free, so you can take your rental car and leave when you want to!
Aqualand is the water park of Gran Canaria. Aqualand is always counted among the top ten things to do on the island. There are steep slides, twisty slides, rapids, a raft ride, dual slides for racing and of course, a large wave pool. One of the neat things about Aqualand is the catering service, you get to eat and drink wherever you want, the servers will bring it all to you where you are at.
Dunes of Maspalomas
If you have been theme-parked and amusement filled, it may be time to take in some of the more unique sights that Gran Canaria has become known for. The Dunes of Maspalomas are made up of the tail end of the Sahara Desert, giving the beach a very desert-like feel. The contrast between desert dunes meeting ocean shore makes for a spectacular sight. The sands are clean, the water is clear and the dunes change forms every few minutes depending on which way the wind is blowing.
Sioux City
For a touch of the American Old West, as far east as it could possibly be, visit the Sioux City western style theme park in San Agustin. Sioux City is a replica of a wild west town and features shows with gunfighters, cowboys, and Indians. When you are done with the town’s delightful shows and shops, mosey on over to the petting zoo and let the kids play with the animals. If you are there on a Friday, stay for the BBQ dinner!
This was a guest post left by Aronno, a writer and travel lover. Whether you prefer the traditional action of the theme parks, water parks or the beaches, it is still advisable, once you get to the Gran Canaria Airport to have access to a rental car to give you the ability to choose when and where you go and when you can leave.