Rolex And Its High-Tech Mechanism

Rolex, a renowned watch brand worldwide has introduced the world to chic and timeless luxury watches. This private sector company was established by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother in law-Alfred Davis, back in 1905, producing about $3 billion revenues. Rolex Company proclaims to be the biggest watch manufacturing company making around 2000 watches every day. The company is not just popular for the classy Rolex watches, but has actually earned a huge clientele owing to the technology, it introduces in almost every product.

Technical Innovations

Rolex is famous for using high-tech mechanisms in its watches. The company introduced Rolex Date somewhere in 1945 holding auto date change feature. Afterwards, it launched the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submarine in 1953, a collection of water-proof wrist watches. In 1954, owing to the Rolex love for technology use, the world started using Rolex watches that exhibited two time zones simultaneously. Besides, Rolex was supposedly the first watch manufacturing brand that got the Chronometer Certificate. In 1931, Rolex had another surprise for the crazy fans; it introduced the self-winding wrist watches that didn’t need to be fastened manually.

The water proof feature of the Rolex watches was much applauded by almost all sectors of society. Hans Wilsdorf, when designed the water-proof watch, made it undergo a real test. The watch was being affixed at the side of a Trieste Bathyscaphe Submarine, afterwards submerged into the Mariana Trench. It was a huge success, as written by Jacques Piccard in a telegram, “Am happy to confirm that even at 11,000 meters your watch is as precise as on the surface.”

Rolex, along with 16 other Swiss watch manufacturers, designed the Beta 21 mechanism; the world enjoyed in Rolex Quarts Date 5100. Within a few years of the Beta 21 creation, Rolex created “clean slate” mechanism and used it in Oyster Quarts Collection.


Take a glance at the features of one of the finest Rolex wrist watch models that were water-proof and worked accurately even 3900 meters deep down. It comprises a nitrogen-alloyed top quality ring, able to handle high level of water pressure effectively. It entails rather thick layer of sapphire crystal as compared to the rest of other oyster models. Moreover, the rear side of the watch is covered with titanium alloy, known for its resistance power. Furthermore, a helium valve protects the watch from any kind of harmful gases from the divers’ caissons to enter; consequently, impairing any part of watch.

Beware of knock-offs

Being one of the most loved watch brands, a lot of companies are coming up with Rolex replicas. While sometimes, it gets real difficult to pick out the fake one; hence, following are some of the ways that can help a little.

1. Look out for the embossed “Rollex”, that’s the biggest sign for identifying a fake Rolex watch.
2. Genuine Rolex watch comes with a transparent hologram sticker, reflecting a variety of colors while the fake one can’t copy this feature.
3. The genuine Rolex watch is normally a bit on the heavier side, whereas the fake ones would be relatively lighter.