Exploring Exquisite Accommodation In Mossel Bay And George, South Africa

South Africa is a great and well known top travel destination the world over and many tourists seem to have a natural liking of cities in the stunning Western Cape Province. If you haven’t explored the magnificent white sandy beaches of the Western Cape and enjoyed some superb accommodation in Mossel Bay, you sure are missing out on the finer things in life.
The famous Cape Town is the capital of the province and other major cities include George, Paarl, Stellenbosch and Worcester. Popular coastal tourism areas are the Garden Route and the Overberg. Places to stay in George are only limited to your budget. Fine accommodation in the form of hotels, resorts, guest lodges, game reserves, self catering is available in Mossel Bay, George, Kynsna, Oudtsshoorn.
About Mossel Bay
This historical capital of garden route is popular for its rich historical culture, scenic views and beautiful moderate climate. Tourists enjoy visiting this holiday hub especially in summer and in winters it makes for a perfect retreat too. Selecting Mossel bay as your holiday location is a worthwhile decision.
Museums open to all give the town a face-lift and if history interests you the life size replica of Bartolomeu Dias is sure to get your attention. The post office tree has been coined as a commemorative plaque as it is said to be more than 800 years old. You can also enjoy great water activities like boat cruising, power boating, snorkelling, ship wreck diving and shark cage diving.
Accommodation in Mossel Bay
Where to stay really depends on what kind of accommodation you like and your budget. The town is packed with awesome hotels, resorts, lodges, game reserves and more. These two below are my personal favourites.
C The View Guesthouse – Located right in front of the beach of Tergniet, this is the place to be to create memories that linger for a lifetime. The views of the ocean are amazing from this guesthouse. You also get to enjoy its close proximity to the airport, only 15 minutes away. In addition to that you get all the amenities that a four star rated guest house offers from comfortable rooms with TV and fireplaces to splash pool and indoor Jacuzzi.
The Point Hotel – strategically positioned on the rocks below the famous St Blaize Lighthouse of Mossel Bay, This hotel offers en-suite rooms with private balconies guaranteeing each visitor of spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. It also offers conference centre facilities and a superb venue for weddings and private dinners. Since it is so close to the water you are sure to enjoy all the water activities you had lined up for your holiday.
Planning your holidays with these two amazing places of stay in Mossel Bay will definitely be worthwhile!
Len loves travelling; writing about all her adventures is second nature. On her recent trip to Western Cape, she enjoyed the accommodation in Mossel Bay.

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