A Complete History Of Headboards

A headboard will often serve as the primary focal point in a bedroom. The right option will provide the relaxation and rest that you seek in your bedroom. Did you know that the origins of the headboard are thought to date as far back as ancient Greece? From iron to timber to upholstery, there is a plethora of innovative and exciting options to choose from. In fact, a professionally designed and crafted headboard can become a family heirloom that will be enjoyed for generations to come.
Headboards with Canopies
Headboards with canopies were first created in the 13th century out of necessity, but they quickly became popular for the grandeur they offered. The canopy was affixed to beams in the ceiling via rope, and the fabric was draped over this framework. The fabric offered additional protection from bitter winds in the colder months. When the gentry traveled, their canopied headboards came with them. Staff members were hired to specifically dismantle, transport, and reassemble the headboards.
Modern headboards with canopies offer an innovative take on this medieval design. The price of a canopied headboard is going to depend upon how much fabric and detailing it possesses. A headboard with a canopy may be as simplistic or ornate as you prefer.
Four Poster Beds with Headboards
This design style first appeared in the 15th century. It appears both with and without draping fabrics. Because only the wealthiest could afford this ornate style of headboard, it became a definite status symbol. During this time period, oak, ash, and mahogany were the woods of choice for fashioning four-poster beds. In today’s time, the harder the wood species used to create the headboard and posters, the more expensive it will be. The intricacy of its overall design will also contribute to the final cost.
Upholstered Headboards
Upholstered headboards first appeared on the scene in the 17th century. During this time was when the demand for comfort began to increase, and the ornateness of four poster beds and canopies began to die out. At this time, the bedroom began to become a more private place, and the desire to show off one’s status was relegated to other rooms in the home.
When choosing an upholstered headboard for your bedroom, the choice of fabrics is going to be highly important. For example, oils from hair, dandruff, and skin oils can quickly damage delicate fabrics. For this reason, leather is one of the most popular choices when it comes to upholstered headboards. However, there are some vinyl-based fabrics that look just as nice and are more cost efficient.
Iron Headboards
Iron headboards are valued for their value, strength, and beauty. In the late 1800’s, these headboards were hand crafted by artisans, but with the outbreak of World War One, iron had to be diverted towards the making of weapons. Handmade items became replaced with products from assembly lines.
Modern iron headboards are available in a variety of different finishes and colors, which makes it simple to customize its look. If you are considering purchasing an iron headboard, you must ensure that you purchase one constructed from cold-rolled steel, which possesses higher tensile strength. Another option you will have to choose from is antique iron headboards. While they are not cheap, they are imbued with a unique history that you cannot find elsewhere.
With so many wonderful options to choose from, it is guaranteed that you will find the perfect headboard for your master bedroom. This pivotal piece of bedroom furniture can dramatically alter the design and comfort level of your bedroom, so make your final choice with care!
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