Biogenesis: The Other Guys

Many stories on the Biogenesis scandal make it appear that it is all about Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun and New York Yankees lightning rod Alex Rodriguez. Both of them, especially A-Rod, have garned the lion’s share of the headlines. But there are several other players linked to the scandal who could also be at risk for suspensions, but who haven’t garnered much media attention.
(Washington’s Gio Gonzalez’s link to Biogenesis reportedly involves legal substances.) Here’s some information you need to know if you play season-long, daily or weekly fantasy baseball; after all, you do not want to potentially lose one or more of the starters to the scandal, so you should know who is potentially at risk here.
Statistics as of June 30.
Nelson Cruz, OF – Texas Rangers
With 20 homers and 60 RBI as of press time, Cruz could approach his career highs of 33 homers and 90 RBI if he can stay healthy. When Cruz appeared in 159 games in 2012, it was the first time he was in more than 130 games.
Cruz, a righty, has had significant lefty-righty and home-road splits in recent years, but his lefty-right split is much less extreme this season and he is actually hitting better on the road.
Everth Cabrera, SS – San Diego Padres  
Cabrera’s main virtue is his MLB-second-best 31 steals. Only Jacoby Ellsbury has more than he does. Cabrera is already over two-thirds of the way to the 44 steals he had in 2012, which led the National League. Cabrera is in the top of the pack of starting shortstops in batting average (.305) and runs (37).
Jhonny Peralta, SS – Detroit Tigers  
Peralta’s main virtue is his .316 batting average, much higher than his .239 2012 mark. Peralta’s BABIP this season is .390. Peralta has hit 20 homers four times but has just seven so far in 2013. His seven homers, 36 RBI and 35 runs make him a good weekly fantasy baseball choice for starting shortstops.
Melky Cabrera, OF – Toronto Blue Jays
Cabrera has already served a 50-game suspension for PEDs, so he would face 100 games if suspended again. After having a .809 OPS in 2011 and a .906 OPS in 2012, Cabrera’s 2013 OPS is .684. Cabrera had 18 homers and 20 steals in 2011, but this season he has just three homers and two steals. Cabrera hit .346 in 2012, but this season is at .278, below his career mark of .284.
Bartolo Colon, SP – Oakland Athletics  
Colon, who is having a terrific 2013 so far, has also served a previous 50-game suspension, so he, too, would be subject to a 100-game suspension if nailed in the Biogenesis scandal. If Colon, who recently turned 40, finished the season with his current 2.79 ERA and 1.08 WHIP, it would be his second lowest ERA and lowest WHIP in his career.
Colon has eleven wins, but his K/9 is only 5.2. Colon’s 1.1 BB/9 is currently the best in MLB, and he is a potential All-Star.

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