5 Ways To Plan Your Unique Wedding

There are few days in someone’s life as important as their wedding day. While the planning can be stressful as anything else, the day doesn’t have to be. One easy way to ensure you have a fun, memorable day for you and your guests is to start the planning with some unique ideas that don’t require tons of money and planning.
Here are five ways to plan your unique and memory filled wedding day.

Start with the theme of the wedding

By starting with the theme, you will want to create the overarching plan to your day. Once you have the big parts in place, it becomes easier to fill in the smaller details. Hopefully you will want to go with something different, and going with a prom-like theme is a fun way to do that.
Think back to your prom, and what the theme was – if you had fond memories of high school you could always “steal” that idea.

Make the first dance unforgettable

Everyone gets to the reception and knows the first thing everyone does (aside from hitting the open bar) is wait for the couple’s first dance. But how many weddings have you been to where there was anything different about that first dance? Mix it up, plan a routine and take some dance lessons ahead of time. Who knows, maybe a guest will record it and it could go viral.

Plan for the kids

If you are having a reception where kids will be invited, make sure you have a plan in place for the kids to have fun too. Weddings are a celebration of family, and kids are part of the family. Make sure you have some crafts available; maybe even get a balloon artist to keep kids occupied (just make sure parents are keeping control of their kids too).
They’ll remember the wedding they were invited to and all of the fun they had.

Setup a photo booth

If you plan on setting up party activities or other things that guests can interact with and keep – go with something different. The throwaway camera on the table is out of date because most people have smartphone cameras now anyway.
If you want memorable pictures and something guests will love and talk about, consider wedding photo booths to be the perfect prop. Anytime there is a photo booth around the only thing people want to do is get in take some funny pictures. Just make a deal that all photos have to be available to the wedding couple for their memories.

Remove the tables

This is almost like blasphemy, but think about it for a second. What do most of the guests at a wedding do? They sit at their table and that’s it. Remove tables, set up food around the perimeter of the area and allow people to mingle and pick at food.
This forces them to move around, and if they’re moving around they are more likely to get involved in dancing and having a better time than just sitting at a table for a few hours. Plus, you’ll save money on settings.
All weddings are beautiful, but unfortunately many are simple recreations of every other wedding you’ve ever been to. Avoid the cookie cutter reception and come up with some fun and unique ways to celebrate your day. Your wedding should memorable for you and also for your guests.
That’s what you’re looking for! What are some unique wedding ideas you have seen?

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Cheryl is a wedding planner who has planned and organized hundreds of wedding throughout her professional career.