CMS Eases Requirements for E-Prescribing

Based on acknowledgment from physicians and bloom affliction providers, the final federal e-prescribing regulations appear Aug. 31 are added adjustable and accommodate added exemptions, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced.

The changes appear afterwards affair that the affairs belief should be added accumbent with the Medicaid allurement affairs for cyberbanking bloom records, according to CMS officials.

“[The changes] will animate added doctors and added bloom affliction professionals to accept this technology and accord them the added adaptability to advice them succeed,” Dr. Patrick Conway, arch medical administrator at CMS and administrator of the agency’s Office of Clinical Standards and Quality, wrote in a blog column announcement the change. “With cyberbanking prescribing, providers can added good administer accommodating prescriptions, abbreviation biologic interactions or added preventable decree errors.”

Under the Medicare Cyberbanking Prescribing Allurement Program, acceptable prescribers who accommodated the e-prescribing belief will get a 1% benefit acquittal for 2011 and 2012 and a 0.5% benefit in 2013. Those who do not accommodated the belief in 2012 will be penalized 1% of Medicare payments; the amends will amplify in 2013 and 2014.

Under the final rule, prescribers who use certified cyberbanking bloom annal can affirmation this as a “qualified” e-prescribing system. This move was advised to added carefully adjust the e-prescribing affairs with the affairs that offers incentives for allusive use of cyberbanking bloom records, CMS admiral said.

The final rule, which goes into aftereffect 30 canicule afterwards its official advertisement in the Federal Register, contains accident exemptions for those who alive in a rural breadth after accelerated Internet admission and those who assignment area there are not abundant pharmacies that can booty cyberbanking prescriptions.

In addition, the final aphorism creates added accident absolution categories. Acceptable professionals accept to authenticate that they have:

• registered to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid EHR allurement affairs and accept adopted certified EHR technology,

• an disability to electronically appoint due to local, state, or federal law (this primarily applies to prescribing of narcotics),

• actual bound prescribing activity, or

• bereft opportunities to address the e-prescribing measure.

The borderline to administer for a accident absolution has been continued until Nov. 1, 2011, according to CMS officials.

Even with the changes, however, some physicians still accept concerns. The American Medical Association said it is afraid about the bulk of time physicians will accept to administer for the exemptions.

“We abide anxious that physicians will be hit with a amends and are not actuality accustomed abundant time to accede with the e-prescribing affairs belief to abstain this penalty,” Dr. Cecil Wilson, AMA actual accomplished president, said in a statement.