Take The Family Fun Outdoors And Make Some Memories

Spring is upon us, and with the warm weather comes longer days and changes in schedules. There are cookouts and picnics with family and friends, and more time for active family bonding, even if spring does send everyone in seemingly opposite directions. . We spend more time outside as sports and activities kick up again. Despite our busy schedules, however, it’s important that we make time for one another.

Here are a few family fun activities, guaranteed to incite laughs and provide priceless memories for years to come.

Bring the Cards and Board Games Outdoors

Who doesn’t like playing cards? Cards are great because there are plenty of options available to satisfy the young (or young at heart) and adult alike. While you can play cards during the winter and fall, the spring and summer allow you to take the party outdoors. Gather around a picnic table or sit on a blanket on the ground. If cards aren’t a family favorite, bring out the board games. A change of scenery is always fun!

Create Endless Possibilities with Water

Kids love playing in the water. Sure, swimming is fun, but there is something magical about a little spontaneous playtime in the back yard. So break out the water hose and prepare to beat the heat with a little water play fun for everyone- not just the kids. Challenge the kids to a water balloon fight- parents vs. kids or boys vs. girls. If you have a Slip n’ Slide establish rules and judge each other’s sliding skills based on creativity and grace. If you have a trampoline you can set a sprinkler under it and add a little splash to your bounce.

Take an Unconventional Road Trip

A road trip is therapeutic, but there is nothing like spending time outdoors on a nice spring day. So instead of grabbing the keys, grab the bikes instead. If the kids are too small or aren’t quite ready to ride a bike, break out the stroller, wagon, skates, or rollerblades. In fact, even your sneakers will suffice. There is no need for a planned route or destination. You can even pack some lunches in a backpack to take along for the ride. Take a break and share stories. Above all, enjoy each other’s company and breath in the fresh air!

Have a Blast with Lawn Games

Lawn games are a tried and true warm weather favorite. They’re also the perfect opportunity to engage in a little friendly family competition. To take things up a notch, and cool things down, you can add a little incentive to get the kids off the couch and involved in the fun. All you need is a little positive reinforcement in the form of an ice cream Sunday. Follow these tips to host a cornhole tournament. If you don’t have a cornhole board or bag, make your own or opt for another lawn game like badminton or croquet.

Just as spring signals a change from cold and dreary to warm and bright, it also signifies rebirth. Everything is new, and even old games and activities have new life. The change of scenery is just what is needed to have some family fun outdoors. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. So take what you know and love, and add an outdoor family twist. Most importantly, have fun!

Patricia James is a stay at home mom of three and blogger. She believes that family time should be fun time and loves finding new and exciting activitities for her family and to share with others. When she’s not blogging, Patricia is busy working on her latest scrapbooking masterpiece.