Top 5 Golf Tips

Top 5 Golf Tips

Golf season is in full swing, which means it’s time for golfers looking to gain a competitive edge on the course to study up on new tips. How might you be able to improve your golf game this summer?

  • Loosen your Stance

Achieving a loose, comfortable stance is one of the most widely-referenced golf tips, and for good reason. As any professional golfer will attest, swing stance is everything when it comes to thrust and accuracy. A tight, rigid stance won’t facilitate the power and range of motion you need for an optimal swing. Instead, focus on tilting forward from your hips (not your waist) and flexing your knees.  Be sure that your arms hang loosely yet are still far enough away from the body so as to avoid interference, and move your body and arms as a single unit for heightened directional control.

  • Secure a Firm Grip

While your stance should be loose, your grip on the club should not. Though a grip must still be comfortable (and there are many different ways to grip a club comfortably), palms should always rest parallel to each other in a grip. To test this, let your arms hang loosely, then bring palms parallel to each other as if you’re about to clap your hands. Let your hands contact the club in this manner, and then wrap hands around in a grip. Next, double check that palms are still parallel. If they’re not, it’s time to adjust.

  • Know the Course

Even if you’re not the next Rory McIlroy, you can still gain an edge over your competitors by becoming intimately familiar with the course on which you’ll play. Understand the terrain well before tee time as a way to plan ahead at each hole. In doing so, you’ll be able to “think backwards” and envision what types of shots must occur to take you from swing to pin.  It’s also important to know your exact position to the flag and what lies between it and you, as this will affect the angle of your stance and the clubs you decide to use.

  • Keep Cool with Performance Polos

Aside from technical aspects of the game, there are an abundance of other elements that can impact your performance on the course. Comfort is one. Rather than be distracted by hot, uncomfortable apparel that soaks in sweat and can lead to chaffing, wear performance polos with advanced moisture-wicking technology. These polos are specifically designed to keep golfers cool on the course, ensuring sweat resistance, breathability, and a light fit. Many performance polos also provide the added benefit of UV protection and easy maintenance.

  • Move On

The reality is that most golfers will have more bad days on the course than good days. It’s impractical to think you’ll win every round of golf you play, and you’ll undoubtedly make bad shots and simple mistakes. While poor performance can be discouraging, letting it weigh on your mind will only further inhibit you. When things don’t go your way, one of the most important things you can do is shake it off and move on, completing each swing in a positive frame of mind.