Is It Mandatory To Create User Stories Relating To Technical Debt Or Not

Technical Debt

Sometimes, the agile teams struggle with planning to finest technical tasks. These tasks are mostly associated with technical debt. These tasks do not have any form of direct value for user’s system. These are likely to be done for delivering working software. Now, the main question lying in your mind is to create user stories for handling such forms of technical debts or task. Will this be a good idea or not. To get your answer, it is always important for you to judge the finest possible services over here. Experts are always there to be your guide, and help you with finest approach around here.

User stories and the reality

Well, as per the leading experts, there are some user stories, which do not have such a strong value for customer. These activities are not quite good and not always important things. Sometimes, user stories mislead team and the current customers. If you ever come to write anything as a form of user story, even if that does not involve the users, then it might easily mislead the team. For such cases, you should call the documents as tasks, and not anything relating to user stories.

Critical with the moves

It is always better to be somewhat critical with the user stories, mostly if the stories are for developmental team. These stories will not work possibly in a great manner for actual user of this current software. It is always mandatory to reframe using user stories as a form of quality characteristics or functional behavior and trying to rephrase it. If you cannot work out the stories for developers, then try considering it as a task. Tasks are mainly involved around development team for tracking, but need not be out on backlog as user stories. Well, you might even want to consider taking help of best credit card consolidation loans sometimes, for paying off technical debt.

Ways to handle technical tasks

In case, you have various forms of technical tasks in backlog, then how can you handle it well? For that, you must start checking out the relationship between technical tasks and the user stories. And you might even want to know what to do if technical tasks and not associated with specified form of user story. To put the technical tasks into product backlog, you have to create user story. Before you proceed further with these services, try answering two questions. Who are going to be benefitted from result and why s tis tsk so necessary to perform?

Handling various forms of technical tasks

You have the liberty to handle various forms of technical tasks. These are mostly covered by user stories in backlog. This can be a part of user story, meant for the customer; or with user story, specified for technical tasks. It is mandatory to learn about the effective ways for reducing technical debt. Go for the agile approach, which proves to be better for your side. The result will always be by your side, only when you have an expert to guide you through the entire procedure.