A Drapery Primer from Curtains on the Net

Windows play critical roles in design from purely functional control of light to stunning decorative focal points that bring rooms together. Curtains on the Net offers both ready-made and custom-tailored curtains and draperies in an astonishing range of fabrics and pleating styles to complement traditional, period or modern decorating schemes for homes and offices. Order custom-fabricated or ready-to-hang curtains and installation hardware such as rods, hooks, tracks, grommets and accessories.

Measuring Draperies for a Perfect Fit

Take complete and accurate measurements including the space above and below and areas to the right and left of windows. Note any obstructions such as light fixtures, heating vents and wall switches because gaining access to these areas might affect which drapery style you choose. Other important considerations are how much wall to cover and whether drapes are stationary or fully working treatments. Forced air from vents influence how draperies hang, but choosing sheer fabrics creates soft movement and mimics the effect of gently billowing breezes. Remember that high-hanging drapes make it easier to clean the floor, but full-length treatments provide an elegant touch to formal designs.

Complementary Hardware Provides a Finished Look

Choosing the right hardware and accessories provides the finished look or compelling attraction that the best focal points command. Choose from metal, wood or acrylic rods in various finishes to complement the room’s furnishings and provide a bridging transition between curtain fabrics and design materials employed throughout the room. Toppers, valances, decorative panels, tiebacks and hardware allow designers to create custom looks from even ready-made curtains. Find everything you need for complete installations, and online ordering ensures delivery in any location across Australia.

Pleated Draperies Create Sharp, Clean Lines

Various styles of drapery pleats create textural interest, and the fullness of pleats relates to the thickness or depth of the pleat when compared with original fabric width. These gentle folds include pencil pleats, box pleats and pinch pleats. Pencil pleats work well on long curtains by taking three folds of fabric and creating an informal look for simpler designs and soft bedroom d├ęcor. Box pleats have two upper folds that face away and two under folds that face each other. The arrangement creates elegant fullness, and standard theatrical drapes typically feature box pleats. Pinch pleats are perfect for formal looks and heavier fabrics.

Design Goals of Curtains

You can achieve many effects by choosing the right window treatments and accessories. If you have a stunning outdoor view, curtains can frame the ridges of spectacular mountains or blossoming gardens to create a living work of art. Windows work like mirrors to add depth to any room and make rooms appear larger. You can achieve a light, airy atmosphere that furniture and accessories cannot deliver alone. Natural light plays an important role in any lighting strategy, and curtains can let in the light or provide a protected space for privacy and intimacy or thermal and ultraviolet protection for fine furnishings and delicate antiques.

Get design help, free fabric samples and creative inspiration from Curtains on the Net. You do not need to trudge around fabric stores and shops to find perfect treatments that express your personal style