Croquet – It Is One Of The Most Fun Things To Do In Your Backyard

Many people have a large farmhouse with a big lawn but do not know how to make the most of it. Some people use it for gardening while some others use it as their mini farm. Some use it for a picnic ground while some just simply keep the land and ponder over what needs to be done on it. Haven’t you people heard of croquet?
This is the traditional backyard game and is one of the best ways to spend some quality time. This is a game which can be fun with family as well as with a group of friends. Though the game had quite a humble start, now it is played by many on international basis. So it is no longer just a backyard game.
This isn’t a game which has just been developed in the urban cities so you cannot just simply say that you do not know the rules. This has been quite popular in the societies right from the Victorian era. During those days it was one of the best ways to enjoy courtship.
No wonder that many successful dates have a croquet game in the picture. People go for the mini versions in the fairs or have a lavish game right in their backyard. Thankfully you do not require any specific skills to play this game.
This is one of those games which can be easily played by people of all ages. May be that is why many families prefer to have a game of croquet during picnics. Grandparents and grandchildren too have fun with this game. All you need to do in this game basically is to hit wooden or plastic balls in such a way that they pass through the metallic hoops. Certain rules and regulations revolve around it and make the game a little challenging.

Some prefer to have wooden balls while others play with plastic balls. The wooden bats with which the balls are struck are called mallets and it resembles a hammer. The sizes of the balls and the mallets differ. Some people like to sue colored balls for each player which makes it a bit easier and more fun.
As per the size of the balls the hoops too differ. In some parts the hoops are called wickets. These are normal metallic hoops or rings. The hoops are such that the passage of balls is a bit challenging.
Mostly the course of the game is set in a figure-8 pattern to make the proceedings all the more challenging. The fun begins when the players jockey over their opponents and try to cross the path by hitting the opponents’ balls out of the way. The winner is declared by the hit on the winning peg. It is always better to buy croquet sets made by branded manufacturers. These products will be safe and are quite durable. So the next time you see croquet mallets for sale in the markets, check them out and take a detailed look before buying it.
Joe is a well known gardener and has always won praises and accolades for his blooms. Jim shares some of his early experiments with croquet which he had with his family during picnics. He still plays the game with friends and family and follows it closely whenever he gets time.  What is interesting is that his association with croquet began when he randomly picked up croquet mallets for sale.