A Traveler’s Savings Guide for a Great Vacation in Henderson, Nevada


Planning a fun-filled and pleasurable vacation in Henderson does not automatically mean you have to spend tons of money.

Henderson, Nevada, has been called a diamond in the desert. The city offers its guests an abundance of site attractions, over 4,000 well-appointed guest rooms, and a wide selection of outdoor activities making the city an ideal destination for business travelers and families on vacation.

Henderson is uniquely situated, being nestled in the midst of three of the most amazing man-made structures in America: the ever-beckoning Las Vegas Strip, the tranquil ambiance of Lake Mead, and the majesty of Hoover Dam. Furthermore, the city is just a few minutes’ drive from one of the country’s busiest airports – McCarran International. Despite the city’s close proximity to Las Vegas where visitors are encourage to spend! spend! spend!, there are many affordable things to do and sites to see in Henderson.

City Highlight: The city of Henderson is home to affordable and cheap dining establishments serving a variety of mouth-watery foods, which include Rosati’s of Henderson, Yummy Grill Sushi, and Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill.

Where to Stay in Henderson

With over 4,000 well-appointed Henderson hotels, visitors to the city are assured of a comfortable place no matter what time of the year. If travelers are looking for ways to save on accommodation expenses without compromising their feeling of luxury and comfort during their stay, here are several hotels that are offering a great value for money. Located seven miles from Henderson’s downtown area is Lake Las Vegas Resort; it offers posh accommodations and a great view of the lake from which the resort got its name. Guests of the hotel can use the clubhouse and pool, as well as the other full-service amenities located onsite. Meanwhile, Residence Inn Las Vegas Henderson is a gem for families vacationing in the city. Very affordable rooms and efficient service go hand-in-hand in this establishment. The hotel can be found on Olympic Avenue. Another great value place is the Strike Zone located on West Sunset Road. It provides quick and easy access to the casinos and to numerous site attractions found throughout the city.

Have a Great Vacation in Henderson Without Going Broke

 Henderson’s unique location lends itself to providing the city with a unique charm. It is quite close to nature and thus encourages visitors to explore the wonders found in the great outdoors. Nonetheless, the city also provides thrilling and exciting activities that are at par with what big cities offer. Some affordable activities that are worth doing while in Henderson include a tour of the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden. The tour shows visitors every step of making candies and other sweet treats. Most people would not resist free chocolate samples offered at the end of the tour. Meanwhile, visitors interested in learning more about the historical heritage of Henderson will be rewarded in their quest by dropping by the Clark County Heritage Museum. Here, visitors are treated to exhibits that show a timeline of humanity’s history.

For those who wish to spend a quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the main thoroughfares of Henderson, Acacia Park at Casa del Fuego Street offers a place of solitude. Visitors can also view the park’s extensive themed garden exhibits, including an edible-garden exhibit, an allergy-free garden, and a garden dedicated to animal habitats.