Some Evergreen South Indian Recipes

Some Evergreen South Indian Recipes
If you are not a South Indian but love the taste of South Indian foods, then why don’t you try cooking such foods in your home? South Indian cuisines have rich flavours and tastes. You can try different South Indian preparations by learning them from different recipe websites. Some of the popular and evergreen South Indian dishes are as follows:

Some Evergreen South Indian Recipes

Idli: it is a classic breakfast prepared in all the South Indian households. Such pillowy and soft “steam lentil rice cakes” are famous outside of India as well. In two ways, you can make the batter for idli. One method utilizes idli rice and another method utilizes idlirava.

You can try various idli recipes and give surprise to your family, such as ragiidli, cooked rice soft idli, okra idli, thinaiidli, samvat rice idli, oats idli, etc.

Dosa: It is a well-known South Indian thin crepe prepared with the batter of fermented rice and lentil. According to the history of dosa, earlier dosas were prepared with using rice only, however, with the advancement; people began to add black lentils or urad dal to provide taste and texture. Dosas have become very famous with the growth of udupi restaurants that offer the best varieties of dosa, such as plain, masala, and set dosa.

Idli and dosas are two common food options for breakfast and sometimes for dinner as well. Large varieties of dosas are present that one can discover on a fast food centre or tiffin menu. Dosas can be prepared with an array of different ratios of rice and urad dal.

Sambar: It is very popular and typical South Indian preparation that is a combination of an array of vegetables including pumpkin, drumstick, cucumbers, eggplant, onions, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and lady finger. You can choose vegetables according to your personal choice and liking. Each vegetable leaves a different taste and flavour. If you are searching sambar recipe in hindi, then you can follow the internet resources.

Upma: It is a prominent and traditional South Indian breakfast preparation in which the main ingredient is rava (cream of wheat or suji). Upma makes a great accompaniment with lemon slices, coconut chutney or lemon pickle or as it as (plain).

Tomato Rasam: Many recipes are there to prepare tomato rasam, however, you can search the most simple and easy recipe to make this recipe. You can discover such a recipe in which no lentils, tamarind or rasam powder are involved as ingredients.

Vada: Uddina vade, garelu, and ulundhuvadai are other South Indian names to such round disc-shaped fritters prepared with lentils, such as chana dal or urad dal. This famous South Indian food is specifically served for snack or Breakfast in tiffin centers and street stalls.

Puliyogare: South Indian tamarind rice is popular by different names in different states, such as pulihora, puliyodarai, or puliyogare. Each of them is prepared with minor variations.

Puliyogare is Karnataka style tamarind rice that makes a great accompaniment with some sandige, happla, fresh kosambari or curd.

If you are interested to know about other South Indian preparations, then follow various recipe websites.