The Journey Your Parcel Has Just Taken

Despite the vast distances that parcels and letters often have to travel to reach their destination, they usually still arrive within a day or two. With such impressive delivery times it must mean that there is a sophisticated and extensive delivery network in place. Before your parcel arrives on your doorstep it has often taken quite a journey in several stages and each stage could have been on a different type of transport vehicle.
Able to cut through the traffic like a knife through butter, a motorbike is ideal for getting a package to its destination quickly. For express deliveries within the same town or city a motorbike is often the only form of transportation used with the rider delivering the parcel directly to its destination. For longer journeys the motorbike may still be used for at least part of the journey. Possibly taking it onto a despatch centre where the parcel can be prepared for the next leg.
One of the workhorses of the global delivery network is the van and they can be found on roads anywhere you go. Vans can be used for delivering a batch of parcels to a sorting office and they can also be used for deliver parcels directly to the intended recipient’s door. The vans come in all shapes and sizes and the largest sorting hubs have many vans coming and going in all directions.
Provided there are no leaves on the track, the train can be one of the most effective ways of getting a parcel to its destination quickly. With no traffic to worry about a train can more or less continue straight to its destination without hindrance, albeit it with the occasional stop at a station for a rest and refuelling. Because a train cannot deliver directly to your door, for obvious reasons, it will be only one stage of a journey that may use various methods of transportation.
For the longer journeys some serious speed is needed and this is where air freight comes in. Flying along at hundreds of miles an hour with nothing to slow the cargo, it is because of modern aircraft that packages can reach the other side of the world at surprising speed. If your package has spent some time in the cargo hold of a plane then it may have also spent time in several sorting offices and also in several other vehicles.
With access to the right vehicles, packages can be sent just about anywhere quickly and will use modern vehicles to make deliveries quickly.