3 Gardening Tips to Reform a Serial Plant Killer

When it comes to tending the plants in your garden, you have never really had what some would term a green thumb. Instead, you exhibit an amazing ability for quickly killing off your plants. While this was never your intention, it is a curse that has followed you for some time now. Do not worry, because here are three tips that will help you to redeem yourself as you start to become the plant guru you always envisioned yourself being.

Handle Young Plants with Care

When it comes to repotting seedlings or transplanting plants from a pot into the ground, you must take great care not to harm the delicate root systems of the plants you are relocating into new soil. You must also be careful not to jam the roots into the soil when repotting or replanting them either. By properly transplanting your plants at each stage of the growth process, you will be helping your plant to get stronger. You also do not want to tightly pack or tamp the soil around the base of the plant. This can prevent the roots from being able to get oxygen, or in some cases harm the roots from the jolt of the tamping motion. Remember, your plant’s health and survival depend on maintaining a strong root system.

Water Your Plants Correctly

When it comes to keeping your garden plants alive, it is important that you water them correctly. Some plants need more water than others. Some plants will die quickly if overwatered. The best thing to do is a little research on how much water each type of plant you add to your garden needs and water each plant accordingly. In some cases, you can even use a computer, sensors, a pressure gage and drip tape to help you monitor and regulate precise watering schedules to ensure each plant is receiving the right amount of water it needs. That is to say, if you want to use technology to help you take command of the watering schedule in your garden like a pro.

Dressing Your Garden for High Performance Plants

Certain plants can be used in between the rows of your garden as cover crop. Cover crop dresses up and helps your garden in a couple of useful ways. It can put back critical nutrients into the soil that your plants need to thrive. A good cover crop can also help to keep the soil from becoming too compact so that the roots of your larger plants can more easily spread out without being hindered. You can also use residential mulch services around your plants to lock in moisture, keep the soil from getting too hot near the base of your plants and to prevent weed overgrowth from attacking your plants. How you dress your garden can improve the survival rate of your plants in significant ways, so it is a subject for which you should become more familiar.


There are a lot of little details that go into gardening the right way. With each new trick you learn to do properly, the more effective you will become at ensuring that your plants survive. Also, while it can be discouraging to have to work through the problems that cause you to kill off your plants in your garden, please try to understand that most people have to work through these problems to become great at gardening. The important thing is to not give up, because eventually you will have a garden that is the envy of your neighbors if you keep allowing yourself the opportunity to learn how to garden the correct way.