Playstation 4 Arrives, But What’s So Special About It?


The stampedes started on November 15 as the Playstation 4 hit the shelves at stores throughout the U.S.. The latest version of the world’s most popular gaming console has features and expansion that makes it look like a a thing of the distant future. With all the hype though, what is inside this new miracle machine? A look at the PS4 and what it’s got is in order.


Clocking in at $399 the PS4 has its power supply built in. It’s got drawbacks too as you can’t play PS3 games with it which is surely going to anger some fans who’ve spent small fortunes on the console editions. However you can upgrade your PS3 games for $10 unless you have a large library of them and that’s going to cost some money. It has an eight core AMD “Jaguar” CPU with an AMD next generation Radeion GPU along with 8GB of 5500MHZ GDDRS Ram. It can play the Blu rays as well as DVDS but it can’t play CDs or MP3s. Neither the 3E Blu ray movies.


The PS Plus account is another cost to add on for $50 a year so if you tally things up with the $399 and $50 your rapidly moving uphill to expensive. Another drawback is the peripherals. Not the same as earlier versions. There are however 13 entertainment apps that come at the launch. Netflix is one of them. Also DLNA streaming isn’t available either.


With a 500GB hard drive there’s enough storage for sure. An amazing controller with a built in speaker. It has a camera for motion control as well. The camera is an upgrade that identifies who is in operation. The Kinect feature and of course the Kinect can interpret hand gestures so there’s no need for a controller. The PS4 and Vita have a new relationship with efficiency. Playing on your Vita via the PS4 Link sets a remote/mirror setting that allows games to stream to Vita. A 15 minute cache allows for smooth playback. In addition to all that the iOS and Android have a PS app that allows the player to use the devices as a secondary screen as well as a remote control. It’s got wireless at 802.11 b/g/n protocols but doesn’t have 5Ghz or the new 802.11ac standard. It does support Bluetooth however.


So when you open the box of the PS4you’ll see the console, a power cord, a 6 foot long HDMI cable, a DualShock 4 controller, a Micro USB cable, and a monaural earpiece bud.


Overall as fans hit the stores today the news around the U.S. Is going to be hot with who got one and who has to wait.