Maintenance Tips That Will Significantly Expand The Lifespan Of Home Appliances

Maintenance Tips That Will Significantly Expand The Lifespan Of Home Appliances

When you buy a new washing machine, vacuum cleaner or refrigerator, you naturally want it to serve you faithfully for years to come. Of course, the lifespan of the “helper” depends mainly on the quality of the household appliance, but at the same time on how you use it and how you care for it. Now many people are sitting at home in self-isolation and endlessly use various electrical appliances. Here’s how to make them last longer.

How to monitor Water Heating Appliances

All devices that are connected with heating water can be descaled with ordinary citric acid. Such cleaning is also suitable for coffee machines, only, in this case, you must first completely dissolve the acid in water so that no grains remain. Store-bought descaling products are just marketing, citric acid will do just as well, but it costs much less.

The Proportions of Citric Acid for Cleansing:

for washing machines – 50 grams per kilogram of load;

for dishwashers – from 40 grams with a consumption of up to 10 litres of water and up to 60 grams with a consumption of more than 14 litres of water;

for coffee machines, kettles, irons – 10 grams for every 100 ml of water.

To clean the washing machine, pour ¾ of the correct amount of citric acid into the powder tray and ¹⁄₄ directly into the drum. Run the wash at the maximum temperature.

To clean the dishwasher, pour citric acid into the detergent drawer and also select the highest temperature setting.

Remember that both the washing machine and the dishwasher must be loaded strictly according to the instructions. If the load is insufficient, you will waste more energy, and if it is too loaded, you can break the device.

How to maintain your Refrigerator

To extend the life of the refrigerator, the main thing is to follow the instructions (installation, temperature conditions and other conditions specified in the description). It is important not to place the refrigerator close to heating devices, such as a stove, oven or microwave, or to a radiator. In this case, it spends more energy on cooling, and you get a higher electricity bill.

It is also worth monitoring the condition of the seal (rubber band) on the door. If it is very worn, it is better to change it so that the electricity is not wasted. The door should not be opened often and left open for a long time.

You should also regularly defrost the refrigerator (even with the No Frost technology) and clean the condenser grill, which is usually located on the outside of the back of the cabinet. The frequency of cleaning depends on the degree of dustiness in the room where the refrigerator is located.

How to maintain an Electric Stove

To clean the inside of the stove yourself, you can pour a thin layer of water and vinegar onto a baking sheet, turn on the oven and wait until the water begins to boil and evaporate. After that, it remains only to wipe everything inside with a rag. Such a cleaning system is much easier than others and does not require the purchase of any additional detergents, ordinary vinegar is enough.

Don’t wipe the glass of the stove with hard and/or metal sponges under no circumstances. Use only a soft cloth. You can also save money on cleaning products: just pour vinegar into a container with a spray bottle in equal volumes with water, apply, leave for a few minutes and wipe.

How to maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

It is important to keep an eye on the cooling of the vacuum cleaner motor. Don’t allow it to overheat, which occurs after about half an hour of continuous operation. Of course, modern models of vacuum cleaners have “smart” cooling systems, but their quality of work may decrease due to:

overcrowded dust bag;

the suction of large debris;

clogged filter.

To avoid all this and increase the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner, you need to clean the dust container when it is more than one third clogged.

It is also important to rinse or change (what exactly needs to be done depends on the model of the vacuum cleaner) the air filters. This will extend the life of the device, and at the same time will not allow dust and dirty air to spread during cleaning.

Do not use an ordinary household vacuum cleaner to remove any specific waste, such as very fine powder, ash or metal shavings, as this may damage it.

Even if your model of vacuum cleaner includes reusable trash bags, they cannot be used forever. Old bags gradually stretch and begin to let large particles of debris and dust through themselves, which clogs the filter. With a clogged filter, the suction power is reduced, and when you switch the appliance to a higher power, you waste more energy.

The vacuum cleaner itself also sometimes needs general cleaning. To do this, turn it on without connecting a hose to it, and absolutely empty – without a bag and filters. It is necessary to switch the power on it for a couple of minutes, and then slightly shake it. In no case do this in the room, as all the dirt that he has accumulated in it will fly out in a cloud of dust. 

General Advice

The general advice suitable for the operation of any electrical appliance is to periodically read the instructions. As a rule, even sometime after the start of using the device, you can find many interesting and useful things in it. Even if something from your home appliances breaks down, don’t rush to throw it away. Make sure to consider appliance repair and give it a new life. You will not only save your budget but also be a responsible, environmentally conscious person.


Today it is difficult to imagine our life without modern household appliances, which have recently become indispensable helpers. Every day, we use a variety of cleanliness tools to help us look tidy, prepare food and do the dishes. Each technique has its own service life, which is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Usually, this period does not exceed 10 years, but it is in our power to avoid premature ageing and maximise the service life of household appliances.

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