Time to Relax: 5 Ways to Create the Perfect At-Home Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? It is so wonderful to be able to kick-back, relax, and be pampered! However, it is not always convenient for us—or our schedules or wallets—to go to the spa all the time. Why not create your own? Check out these ways to make an at-home spa so you can relax and pamper yourself whenever you want.

A Luxurious Setup

You don’t necessarily need a new, luxurious bathtub to have a great at-home spa setup. Gather your favorite scents and sights to create the best atmosphere. If you relax to the smell of vanilla, make or buy some vanilla bath bombs or candles. This will fill your bathroom’s air with the scent of relaxation instead of day-old cleaner or worse. The soft glow of candle light will transform your bathroom into a room away from the world and encourage the peaceful enjoyment of your spa day.

Water Pressure and Heat

If you want to take a relaxing hot bath or shower, you’ll find yourself very let down if your water isn’t warm enough or doesn’t have enough pressure. What you had planned to be a tranquil experience will end up being a frustrating and disappointing one. Avoid this problem by having a plumber check your water heater and water pressure regularly. You can contact your local plumbing professionals to help you ensure your water and plumbing fixtures are ready for your day away from it all.

Pick up Soft Towels and Robes

A signature item at most spas is over-sized, soft, and luxurious towels and robes. Complete your at-home spa experience by finding the perfect set for your home. Be sure to set them aside for special occasions. This will help your spa days feel extra special—a real treat! Do some research online to help you understand how to find high-quality towels and various supplies that will last.

Set the Mood

Spas are a relaxing oasis because of the details and final touches that are added to aid relaxation. Create a spa playlist. Pick relaxing music that can play in the background as you soak and unwind. If you find spa sounds annoying or boring, you can put on your favorite tunes or even a movie. The important thing is to find what helps you relax and take the time to invest in yourself. You can also have your favorite beverages or snacks on hand. A day of relaxation calls for some extra special treatment!

Create a Comfortable Space

If you’ve been to a spa, you probably remember there being a separate, relaxation room where you can sit before or after your treatments. Create your own relaxation room where you can sit and unwind before or after taking a nice long soak. Comfy pajamas, plenty of pillows, and a good book are all great starting place for your relaxation space.
With a few small tasks, you can easily create your own in-home spa. It will feel so good after a long, stressful day to come home and experience some much needed time to yourself in your own home.