Home Exterior Decor Tips On A Budget

Home Exterior Decor Tips On A Budget

When decorating a house, we often forget about the external space and exterior.

A beautifully designed entrance, a good facade, well-groomed flower beds and a beautiful landscape create a pleasant impression of the owners. In addition, it will delight you too. The design of everything should not fall out of the general style of the building. To keep the decor from becoming boring, there are methods for changing decorations for different seasons.

Ideas for a beautiful design of the entrance area

If the house was decorated modestly, then the main attention should be transferred to the entrance. The lacquered or matte surface of the door quickly gets bored, so they use nearby decorations for accent. A well-chosen composition will allow you to get a memorable design from simple objects.

For the spring period

After the snow melts, you can use live plants to decorate the entrance to the house. Primroses dissolve petals long before the lush greenery and grass on the lawn appear in the garden. Bulbous species will create a spring mood on the site. The variety will allow you to get a bright landscape design.

A rug will help to coordinate the decor in the landscape design composition. The wicker surfaces of the plant containers are harmoniously combined with the corrugation of the mat. High-pile elements are complemented by an inscription with an original font. A gloomy rubber carpet should be painted with acrylics. The shades should follow the tones of flowering plants.

For summer

With the onset of warmth, more solutions are suitable for decorating the area near the entrance of the house. In the covered terrace, set a table with a seating area or armchairs. Interior items made of rattan or wire look original. To balance the veranda space, distribute the elements on both sides of the door.

For autumn

Designers suggest decorating the entrance area of a house to match the season. Pumpkins of the original shape look beautiful next to the porch. To emphasise the unusual decor, they combine colours (orange, grey, white) and sizes. Vegetables are placed near the door and on the sides of the stairs. Miniature species can be hung on cords instead of pots.

For winter

The beautiful decoration of the entrance to the house does not have to be used only on holidays. Correct decoration of the porch area will cheer you up and relieve winter depression. Lack of sunlight can be compensated by garlands. 


The attractiveness of a house largely depends on the appearance of the facade walls. 

Facade panels

Decorating a house with front panels is considered the simplest and most budgetary, but at the same time beautiful.

The main advantage of the material is a large selection of colours and textures. It is easy to finish the house with facade panels for brick, stone and other. In addition, several types of panels can be combined, for example, light and dark horizontal belts and vertical “columns”.

The panels are made from polypropylene, which is highly resistant to precipitation, temperature changes, sunlight and other climatic phenomena. Installation is easy, even a beginner can handle it.

Another advantage of the material is its low weight. This reduces the requirements for the strength of walls and foundations.

Coloured facing brick with locks

Modern cladding bricks with locks are as easy to install as panels. It’s all about performance.

Brick with “thorn-groove” locks is produced by the modern method of hyper pressing. This means that each element is moulded with lime, cement and other ingredients to enhance the material’s properties. Due to special additives, the material acquires high frost resistance.

Also, during production, colouring pigments are added to the material. Therefore, the range of colours is wide. Colours can be combined and experimented with ornamentation. Thanks to the production method, all elements in a batch are practically the same size – the maximum tolerance is only plus or minus 7 mm.

Modular quartzite

For finishing you home, you can choose any decorative stone, in particular, modular quartzite.

Quartzite is a dense and durable natural stone. In nature, there is a stone of white, grey or reddish colours. Quartzite is difficult to process at home and has a very high resistance to abrasion, so its resource as a cladding is practically unlimited.

Modular White Quartzite is a natural stone that has been treated for ease of installation. The modules are collected from fragments of rock similar in thickness, and then the edges are sawed off to obtain rectangles of the same size.

Due to the homogeneous structure, the modules measuring 60×20 cm and 20 mm thick practically do not differ from each other externally. This allows you to cover large surfaces without the fear that the areas will be different. But it is worth keeping an eye on the batch number and choosing a stone from the same batch for finishing the entire wall, since the colour and texture in different shipments may still differ. The stone has a relief fine-grained surface, sparkling under bright sunlight. Quartzite modules can be used to decorate the entire wall, but natural stone looks especially impressive if you lay out a panel or belt from it against a background of decorative plaster or another type of finish.

When you are done with the facade, don’t forget about the good quality gutter replacement. It is almost as important as the facade itself.


Facade and decorations are the first thing you and your guests notice about your house. Don’t let it be naked. It deserves a good suite. It doesn’t need to cost you a fortune, as you can see from this article. Likewise, it just needs your time and effort. 

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