Types Of Student Behavior During Exams

All students are different. Every class has at least several stereotypical students when it comes to studying. Probably, you are aware of nerds and preps, but are there any other types of students and what makes them stand out? Teachers would say that it is all about determination and the amount of time you spend with a text book. This is partly true, however, it is also important to take into account student’s purpose, honesty and method of learning.

While you can easily be friends with any student in your class, they can be boring or pesky, especially during exams. They often act in a weird way and it is hard to predict every odd thing they may do. And yet you can familiarize yourself with common types of student behavior. Who knows, maybe you will find yourself here!


A-students are always at the top. Teachers often hold them up as an example. And as much as they might irritate you, their fame is often well-deserved. These students are hardworking and hand in all assignments timely. During the semester they do the best essays, their papers are flawless and they are always ready to answer teacher’s questions. Other students may get jealous and claim that “it must be nice to be this smart”. Nevertheless, A-students often put a lot of effort into any academic activity. Sure, they probably have natural lurch for learning, but it never comes easy for them.

However, they are not perfect. When the exam season starts, they often get anxious and spend day and night studying. They may even visit Essay Writing Lab so nothing will prevent them for exam preparation. A-students can neglect their basic needs to stay at the top. But they should understand that perfect results and actual knowledge are two different things.


These careless students are often unprepared to answer and seek help from their numerous acquaintances. The funny thing is that people are willing to help them. Often they manage to pass tests thanks to someone else’s notes. Surprisingly, teachers are also favorable upon these guys and ready to give them a second chance whenever they need one.

In fact, these easygoing people can actually excel if they like the subject. Happy-go-lucky students are full of ideas and can greatly benefit teamwork-based projects. You just need to learn how to handle them. Do not get overwhelmed by their charisma and you are good to go.

Damsel in Distress

A lot like happy-go lucky students, these guys are not very serious when it comes to academics. Their biggest issue is that they actually believe that it is possible to achieve something without breaking a sweat. It is even more bothersome when they choose you as a target.

If this hanger-on thinks that you can help, he will definitely sit right next to you. Be careful, some of them can be extremely manipulative. The sad thing is these guys could actually achieve something if they spent at least half of the time they look for loopholes studying.

Envious Tongue

They can be diligent, but their goal is unworthy. The only thing that bothers envious students is rivalry. They must outrun everyone else! However, they can rarely keep up with A-students. These guys try to justify their defeat claiming that better students simply have no life.

If someone asks envious tongue for explanations, he will put on a friendly smile and pretend that he is yet to learn this material. At the same time, students like these will never disdain your help when they need it.