Ideas For The Perfect Wedding Menu

Getting the menu right for your big day is important. Your personal tastes play a key role but you also want it to be memorable for the right reasons and not just because you got what you wanted. Following food trends can give you ideas but it also matters to think about the setting and the options available to craft the perfect menu and event. Here are some ideas worth considering during the menu planning process.

Create an Experience

It’s one thing to create a great menu but it’s another to create a memorable experience. Do you plan for the meal to be the focus of the reception? If so then you should definitely opt for a sit down dinner with multiple courses, allowing each to shine. If the main event is the party, music and socialising then perhaps a buffet is a more appropriate option. A buffet can have a wide range of different elements and realistically the planning of the rest of the event including speeches, dances and the cutting of the cake, will help you organise the meal and menu to fit the length of time available.

Offer Something New

If you’re a foodie yourself or really want to impress then add something exciting and new to every course or every element of it. Unexpected twists on classics always play out well, miniature versions of Great British pub grub or fruit kebabs mixed in with other fresh and fruity delights can prove to be really popular. As well as playing with the ingredients you can also give people something to talk about with your serving styles. Edible spoons are all the rage and take away the need for cutlery, adding a further casual feel to the event.

Theming Works

Some couples just know exactly what they want in terms of a theme, it could be as simple as classic French or something alternative like a fish and chip supper or Indian banquet. The important thing is your cuisine does need a theme. If your favourite foods don’t work together then you’ll have to accept it and find ways of working elements which do work together. Each course needs to flow and if you’re planning a buffet ensure there is a sense of continuity throughout it – it could be through a national cuisine choice or simply a connecting ingredient or range of ingredients.

Local, Seasonal, Fresh

If you really want to impress then stay close to home. Most people choose to get married somewhere they really love, whether it’s their home town or a place of significance in their past. To take this idea to an extra level you can look for local classics and cuisine sourced from only local producers. Not only is it the freshest and best tasting around, you can enjoy the feeling that your cuisine is linked to your location as much as your memories.

The perfect wedding menu is unique to the individual couple but keeping these ideas in mind will help broaden your though process when planning that key element of your big day.

Ayesha Longley works for the Royal Scots Club, which offers hotel accomodation, wedding and conference venue in Edinburgh’s city centre. You can read more about the Royal Scots Club on