Top 5 Kerala Ayurveda Resort To Learn And Relax

Zuri Kumarakom Lake resort

Kerala is not just a land with alluring nature beauty and mesmerizing locations but is even the place that is rich in herbs and rare spices. Blessed with greenery and wonderful natural attractions Kerala is also known as an Ayurvedic center that helps people in gaining a refreshed both mind and body. There are innumerable resorts of Ayurveda in Kerala as the whole region is rich plants and herbs with rich medicinal values.

The whole region has a great boon of natural beauty and at the same time there are people who believe in the ancient and age old method of treatment. By following the methods of treatment in Ayurveda experts in Kerala offer a person a great relief. The therapy ensures positive wellness in people just by using the medical plants, oils and other herbs.

When you like to spend a holiday that offers relaxation through the therapies and help in maintaining a good health then plan a tour to Kerala Ayurveda resorts.

Kalari Kovilakom

Feel refreshed and lead a wonderful life after attending the Ayurveda treatment in Kalarai Kovilakom as the resort is one of the finest places of Kerala. The resort welcomes guests to enjoy a few couple of days, leaving the stressful world and all other commitments. One can enjoy relaxing in the resort and even spend a unique routine depending on your body requirements.

Kalari Kovilakom


One best place that surely enhances the working of the body in Kerala is the Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort and people can surely enjoy the ambience of the place. Located beautifully in the hillock nearby Kovalam beach this place even has a credit of being the first Ayurvedic center in the world. This place is extremely famous for the massage therapies, healing exercise and a few diet plans that are much effective.

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort

Ideal Ayurvedic Resort

This is even one special place that offers a great care and relaxation to people who step in as the resort is of a high standard. One can enjoy the natural ambience and even experience the expert Ayurvedic massage therapy and even follow other healthcare measures.

Zuri Kumarakom Lake Resort

The renowned resort in the region of Kumarakom is an Ayurveda center as well as a spa which offer great fitness and complete recovery from various health issues. Ayurveda doesn’t just treat health troubles, but one can even gain a great relaxation from all paining issues. Here people gain various treatments, massages, therapies ranging from ancient till modern times.

Ayurkshethra, Keralyeem, Kalari, Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Center are a few renowned places which are a unique blend of holiday and healthcare in the most alluring destination Kerala. Whatever maybe your health trouble Ayurveda helps in gaining a good balance of health and people can easily get rid of various health issues. Plan your trip with Maharaja Express Train and enjoy all the luxury amenities and onboard ayurveda and spa massages.

Learning About Ayurveda in Kerala 

Then we will travel to Kerala, the state of the palm trees and one of the places where it is more widespread the use of Ayurvedic medicine. This ancient science is the system of medicine which is still in force in the world.

There among the Backwaters of Alleppey, ancient cities such as Kochi, visited already by the first European and Arab traders or in front of the beaches and on the cliffs of Varkala, Jordi Girard, Ayurveda therapist will give a course of three days in which we will discover the Ayurveda and deepen in our constitution and understand how we can apply the more practical aspects to improve our health daily.

We will also enjoy a fantastic ayurvedic massage and once we know the foundations of Ayurveda you will receive an Ayurvedic consultation that will give you light on how to adapt the daily habits and diet to your constitution.

What you will find in Tour?

This trip is oriented to all those interested who want to learn the massage and treatments of Ayurvedic Science.

In start from day one you going to learn about the authentic India Ayurvedic species and medic visiting rural areas, traditional pharmacies and hospitals, collecting medicinal plants, Sivananda Ashram, temples, etc., (some of these activities are recognized as of course hours ), combining it with a little bit of tourism, enjoying the beaches of Kerala and its natural environment.

We will also take yoga, meditation in ashrams and a class of Ayurvedic cooking.

At the end of the course will be awarded a certificate in Ayurveda Massage of two weeks duration (50 hours)

Apart from learning and relaxation through the massages with medicinal and essential oils one can even gain a better relief as Ayurveda helps in eliminating the toxic elements of the body. Gain wellness through the alluring therapies and even enjoy a holiday in the outstanding region Kerala.