10 Things To Do Now The Sun Has Come Out

Yay! It’s finally summer, at least in ½ of the world!
Now, we can get out in the sun and build up our vitamin D. But, what will we do, now that we no longer have to bundle up and rush from the car to the door?
Here are 10 things to do now that the sun is out.

That’s right – surfing. Surfing is not just for the proverbial beach bum any more. People of all ages and skills levels are now surfing.
During the summer months, just about any beach you go to will have surfing opportunities. Take some lessons.
Even if you never intend to “hang 10”, you can still enjoy being on the ocean, just you, the waves, and a surf board, riding swells that bring you gently back to shore.
+And if you’re a hard core surfer, you don’t need any encouragement to get out on the waves!
No, this isn’t exactly surfing, but it is tons of fun.
Whether you have a small pool in your back yard, or membership at the community pool, you’ll enjoy one of the best forms on non-impact exercise available.

There is just something about the feel of the warm sun on your back and the smell of freshly turned soil.
Maybe God felt this way when he created life.
Even if you are not interested in maintaining a large garden, you can have a few flower pots with your favorite flowers in them, and enjoy the warmth.
Kite Flying
For real! How long has it been since you have flown a kite? You might be surprised at just how much fun you can have.
Get a kite with two controls, and you can make it do acrobatics. It’s great fun!
Start Jogging
Whether you are a jogger or not, you can take advantage of milder weather to get more active.
Whether you are walking, or working up toward a slow jog, you can improve your health and enjoy the outdoors.
Go Fishing

You don’t have to be a fisherman to fish. Get an inexpensive pole, a lounge chair, and hang out under a tree by the lake.
If you catch fish and don’t want them, give them away, or release them.
Build A Clubhouse
Spring and summer are great times to build a clubhouse.
Whether it’s in a tree, on stilts, or on the ground, the clubhouse is a great activity to share with your kids.
Build A Sandbox
Are you reluctant to build a sandbox for your kids because of neighborhood cats? The solution is to sprinkle black pepper in the sand. It will repel cats until rain washes it away.

That right! There is no reason to run away from sunbathing. Wear sunscreen and protect your eyes, and you can enjoy hours of relaxing in the sun.
Add A Deck
By adding a deck to your home, you not only increase your living area, you increase the value of your home.
With all of these projects, you should stay really busy this summer!

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