Are HCG Diet Drops Safe For Weight Loss? Are There Any Side Effects?

Are HCG Diet Drops Safe For Weight Loss? Are There Any Side Effects?

For those of us who have been on a diet, we are aware that there are a number of ways available that can cause us to lose weight. Some of these include embarking on practical diets, surgical options, long-term balanced diet, strength training, and realistic objectives. Although exercising and a balanced diet has been proven time and again by researchers as well as independent studies to be the best form of weight loss method, a number of upcoming diets tend to capture the interest of a majority of dieters.

These fad diets although, promise dramatic weight loss, muscle toning and a slim figure, they also come with serious thought provoking options and highly dangerous practices. One of such diets, known as HCG diet drops, has been under controversy by the FDA and the FTC, simply because it employs a more rigorous procedure of dieting than a simple approach. Fortunately, it is a homeopathic medication and not a scam as some people are trying to be label it to be. Moreover, to make it more accessible to the general populace at large, it is freely available as an OTC weight loss productand is classified under homoeopathy to present it to dieters as a supposedly safe and effective weight loss option. What must be noted is that, for his diet to become effective in the long run, HCG diet drops must be taken in conjunction with a severely low calorie diet.

One of the biggest side effects or drawbacks to the HCG diet drops is that living on such a highly restrictive and low calorie diet is not only unhealthy but can also pose serious risks to life such as gallbladder stones development, electrolyte imbalances, irregular heartbeat and palpitation and break down in the functioning of the body’s nerves and muscles. According to medical experts and nutritionists at the FDA’s Centre for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, if the HCG diet is not taken under the guidance of a medical expert, it can become potentially fatal;which is why all reputable companies marketing the HCG diet ion the form of injections, drops and pellets have a certified board of medical experts on their panel to monitor patients undergoing the diet.

In extremely rare cases, healthcare professionals recommend low calorie diets for individuals who are extremely to moderately obese, as part of a medical therapy to control health disorders due to obesity, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. However, even then, there is constant and stringent medical supervision for such patients to ensure that life-threatening side effects do not occur.

Without the assistance of a medical expert, embarking on an HCG diet can cause individuals to suffer from vitamin deficiency, and most critically, protein inadequacy. Hence, some companies also offer an HCG kit that comprises essential vitamins, minerals, protein replacement shakes and other important food-based products for patients to stay healthy while at the same time lose unwanted fat. Doctors strongly recommend that if an individual is keen to lose weight, the HCG diet must be done with great caution and should be adhered to, till the duration of the course.

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