7 Best Destinations To Experience In South India

Bangalore Palace

Colorful and vibrant, this exciting country is the perfect place to live an absolutely unique sensory experience. Here are 7 must-see sites to visit during a trip to South India as well as the best time to visit, depending on the weather, cultural events and cost.

1. Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Bangolore is the place to be! The one that is nicknamed the “Silicon Valley Indian” brings together in effect of large high tech companies and many startups. It is certainly this strong development which explains the presence of large commercial arteries, as Brigade Road and the luxurious UB City Mall. The kitchen and the culture are not in rest, without talking about the local beer is very popular and Mavalli Tiffin rooms, a culinary institution in Bangalore.

The traffic is as dense as the pollution and new buildings come out of bitumen to each second. But starting toward the center of the city, you will find very beautiful colonial buildings, as well as the Palace of Bangalore, whose construction is directly inspired from Windsor, and pretty gardens, as Cubbon Park by example.

Best time to get there: From September to February.

2. Pondicherry

Listen carefully, it may well be that you hear speak French by here. “Pondy” was under French governance until 1954, and his legacy Gauls is obvious, particularly in the eastern part of the city. There reigns a bohemian atmosphere and deconstruct’, a bit of an artist.

Here, the rule is to do the least possible, then enjoy-in for lazy you too. You will find in the old town of picturesque houses, cobbled streets and restaurants French. If the croissants, steak and the red wine you have missed during your Tamilnadu trip, you will be able to make provisions here, before the filer to the beach.

Best time to get there: From October to February.


3. Chennai

Bubbling city, famous for its traffic, Chennai puts a little time to reveal its charms. Vibrant and colorful, it abounds of temples and other multicolored structures.

Go to George Town, the heart colonial, and explore the Fort St George and his pregnant, built by the British East India Company. Find a little quiet by exploring the gopurams, these ancient towers that allowed access to temples.

Best time to get there: From December to March.


4. Munnar

Let the large cities behind you and direct you toward the hills. Munnar is the former summer residence of the British contingent of India, and it is a peaceful and lush, abounding of trees to tea and mountains. Visit the gardens of the floriculture industry center, organize a picnic at Mattupetti Dam, or test your lungs to Echo Point.

The National Park of Eravikulam houses leopards, tigers and mountain goats, while the ALI Bird Sanctuary Salim brings a lot of strange birds. Rent a bike and ride through the campaign, unless you do you feel the strength to climb the rock wall of Munnar.

Best time to get there: From September to June.


5. Ooty

Located in the Nilgiris in South India, Ooty is the perfect place to escape the tropical heat. Imagine the green hills covered with Eucalyptus and tea plantations, all connected between them by a small picturesque Train… based, not?

Explore the immense Botanical garden which houses the Summer Festival in May, and climb to the top of Doddabetta, to make beautiful pictures. Stroll to horse around the lake or push-you in the lush countryside. Enjoy the fabulous local chocolates, accompanied by a tea not least delicious. The Wax Museum also promises an original experience.

Best time to get there: From March to June


6. Hyderabad

The old city of Hyderabad is the essence of ancient India. The cows are wandering in the narrow streets and congested, street vendors are facing the passers-by, while smells of chai and Biryani of goat perfume the air.

The emblematic Charminar and mosques, as Mecca Masjid, overlook the streets, remnants of a past opulent. This city is full of contrasts: filez to the west, to “Cyderadbad” and you will suddenly the impression to be in a city high tech Japanese. But if the time you is counted, focus on the historical heart and the stunning architecture of the city.

Best time to get there: From November to February

Charminar, Hyderabad

7. Kerala

Theater of the award-winning novel “The God of Small Things”, the Kerala is a beautiful tropical region located in the south of India. Long stretches of beaches and enormous fruit trees abound there to explore in Kerala Tour. If you are looking for a quiet place, far from the noise and the crowds that are usually found in India, you are at the right place.

Explore the Nilgiris in the Western Ghats and admire the Falls of Athirapally. Cross the lagoons, or stop-you to watch the Vallam Kali, a boat-race which takes place every year in August. The food is deemed to be spicy, and then always keep a little coconut milk with you to refresh the taste buds.

Best time to get there: From January to March (although the Kerala is enjoyable all year)

Kerala Houseboat