Best Methods For Solid Internet Protection

How do we choose an antivirus product for our devices? An anti-virus product must defend device from cyber threats without causing any effect on the device’s performance. There are numerous anti-virus products available in market today and it would be difficult for a person to choose a product. Apart from offering security against malware apps and Trojans, there are many other requirements which should be handled by an anti-virus product. Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 is one such latest market release which ensures maximum security against hazards.

Fail-Safe Cyber Protection:

Antivirus products are meant to prevent devices from being impacted by viruses and unknown security threats. However, there is one specific requirement which is to be handled by antivirus products which is Fail-Safe Cyber protection. This feature becomes more essential to a device when it is connected to the internet as it is prone to more security threats in that case. To ensure the safety of a device while using it with internet, one of the best choices is to go for Bitdefender Internet Security 2016.

A Fail-Safe device is one which causes minimal harm in case of system failure. Not all antivirus products in market ensure that this kind of feature is provided by them. Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 owns this specific feature of Fail-Safe when it is prone to cyber threats. Antivirus products should offer best security to its devices and prevents illicit usage of personal information. They should also secure online payments and holds saved cards information securely. Usually, after installing antivirus products in devices, device performance gets impacted. Few products like Bitdefender ensure zero impact on the performance of the device even when the scanning process is going on. One of the best features of Bitdefender is that it adapts itself according to the usage of the device.

Ransomware Protection:

If unauthorized parties try to access the main folders on the device, there is a chance that important files will get damaged. Malware like this may cause huge damage to the admin and in order to prevent this, Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 has come up with a feature called Ransomware protection. This additional Firewall protects device from malware applications and prevents deletion of important files from the system, thus enhancing the protection.

This antivirus software has a better user interface when compared to previous versions, its layout is more user friendly. Also, this product offers a quick autofill option using which username, password etc. details can be filled just with one click. This saved data is stored securely by Bitdefender. The Bitdefender Parental Control feature is another striking addition. This feature monitors the actions performed on the device when it is used by kids so that important data can be kept away from the reach of kids. This feature will be very useful when handing over mobile devices to kids. The view will be restricted thus ensuring safety of data.

Vulnerability Scan:

Usually antivirus products’ vulnerability scan for missing patches of device’s operating system. Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 offers an option to scan weak spots on the device. Previous versions of Bitdefender were efficient too. It is very surprising that Bitdefender managed to integrate such security features with the tiniest fuss. Undoubtedly, Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 is one of the most reliable antivirus products available today, and it comes packed with many striking features.