Finding a Good Plastic Surgeon

Going under the knife for elective surgery is a big decision to make. It is not one that should be made before exploring all of the pros and cons as well as the options that you have when you are considering which surgeon that you want to use. Here are a few things that you want to do before making our final selection.
Create a List of Questions
As with any type of surgery, especially breast augmentation, you will have many different questions. Prepare a list of questions that you may have about the process; beginning to end. Ask about the surgical procedure and how the doctor determines the new size that will be the best for you. If you are having a reduction or enlargement, do not be afraid to ask the doctor how many procedures that he has performed.
Look for a Surgeon that Specializes in Breast Augmentation
Not all plastic surgeons specialize in this area. You want to make sure that you choose a doctor that has plenty of experience and expertise in this area. Ask the doctor for a portfolio. Many doctors will have a large portfolio of real patients that they treat that contains before and after photos. It is definitely a good thing when the doctor asks you if you are sure that this is what you want to do. Many doctors will also have you do a psychiatric questionnaire to be sure that you are mentally healthy enough for surgery and that you are realistic in your expectations.
Consider the Financial Obligation
Make sure that you are in good financial shape for this procedure. Elective surgery can be expensive and not many insurance plans will cover cosmetic surgery unless it is medically necessary. Look at financing options and create a budget. When looking for doctors, you may not necessarily want to go with the low budget doctor unless he has a proven track record. Before going forward with the surgery, it would be smart to have money saved as a down payment for the procedure. Many doctors will offer some king of financing.
Overall, make sure that you are ready for such a huge change an enjoy the results!