Tips For First Time Travelers

What is the ultimate travel advice that people give to a first time traveler? How does a first time traveler get over the high of going someplace else and stay calm enough not to lose something valuable or get conned by the many thieves and crooks waiting for a chance? There are answers that many experienced travelers will give you and some of them are easy to do, some require a little effort on the part of the person taking the long journey.

Wash Your Own Clothes

There are only a few high profile hotels and places that can offer you laundry services that please you. When in a hotel where the service is even slightly dubious, make do with what you can. Carry detergent with you or buy it once you land and wash your own clothes in the sink or the shower of the place you are staying in. It is must more economical and you can only carry so much when you are travelling.  In addition to this, it is also advised that you carry a sewing needle and thread with you. With a limited supply of clothes, you never know when you need to mend a shirt or put a button on it. This little trick will save many a shirt for you. Keep plastic bags for your dirty clothes so that their smell does not seep into the fresh and clean clothes you have in storage.

Carry A few Essentials

Always have something like baby wipes and face wipes. Sometimes you encounter situations where you are not able to get into a shower or there are times when a shower isn’t even provided. In this case, make sure you have baby wipes to feel as clean as you can. Keep a stash of money some place safe. You never know when someone will take your wallet or purse so keeping spare cash as well as copies of your important documents is also important.

Learn how to Drive a Manual Car

There are situations where renting a car is easier than using the public service transport. Make sure you know how to drive one incase all a company can offer you is manual cars. This will make it so much easier for you to travel around by yourself.

Pack Light

Learn what you can live without and what you can’t live without. You can wear two pairs of trousers or jeans a few times before they have to be washed, but shirts are something you cannot compromise with. Take more shirts than trousers to make the load lighter. In case of emergencies, it will come in handy.

Be Prepared to Sleep Anywhere

Whether it’s the bus or a plane, when it is time for you to take a nap, do not delay it. If you force yourself to keep awake it will make you crash. Take eye masks and ear plugs so that you can catch up on your sleep whenever you can.

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