How To Be A Licensed Forklift Driver – The Ultimate Guide

Forklifts are usually found in warehouses, construction sites and factories where machines are needed to lift heavy things. But people usually have misconceptions about operating one. They think that all it takes is just learning to drive the heavy machinery and that’s it. This article aims to list the points you need to know to become a certified driver and obtain a forklift licence.

Check the Qualifications and Skills Needed

As with most jobs, you should check the qualifications for the position. For forklift drivers, there are no specified height and weight requirements. However, there might be instances wherein you will be expected to manually lift the items and you need to be physically fit for that. Some necessary skills would include knowing how to operate and maintain the machinery and being aware of safety precautions.

Know the Duties and Responsibilities

This is important because you need to be aware of what your job requires from you. As a forklift driver, you are expected to load and unload the products within a specified time frame. However, your responsibilities do not end there. You also need to record the weights of the goods that you are moving in and out. Aside from that, you should be efficient and accurate in checking the items that are being loaded and unloaded for strict quality control. One of the most important tasks you also have to perform is to check the machine before and after operation.

Secure the Documents

In order to speed up the process of obtaining a forklift license, make sure that you have all the credentials needed. It is important to present proof that you are at least 18 years old and to do that you would need to get a copy of your birth certificate. To be considered for most jobs, you must have a high school diploma as well. Once you have the all the documents needed, it will be easy to enrol and participate in forklift training courses

Enrol in Forklift Training Courses

If you do not have proper knowledge about operating a forklift, you might put yourself and other people in danger. Training courses are also necessary for you to get a forklift license. You have three options for training:

  • Take the full training course. If you are new to the industry and just learning how to operate the machine, the complete training package ensures that you will finish the course with the skills needed to get a licence and a job. You will be trained on machine maintenance, adapting to your environment and safety awareness.
  • Enrol in the refresher course. Being an experienced forklift operator means you already have a background on forklift operation. Refresher courses usually take just two days and this is a good chance to relearn what you might have forgotten.
  • Take advantage of onsite training. An instructor usually goes to your site and will conduct the training and licensing there. It saves you the hassle of going to a licensing centre and missing a day of work.

The road to becoming a forklift operator is not exactly as smooth as some people perceive it to be. Aside from the physical aspects of operating a big machine like that, trainees are taught to have good judgment and high level of concentration. When one is missing from the equation, an accident is likely to happen. Though training is gruelling, being a licensed forklift operator has its big rewards.
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