Hundreds Of 7 Eleven Stores Still Shut

Probably the strongest and the most developed nations of the world has been shook and brought to its knees by a storm. While the last week’s super storm ‘Sandy’ might have subsided, it has left behind a trail of damage and destruction to a large extent. While power has been restored in some areas, many are still under deluge and are powerless. The situation is bleak for residents in these areas as convenience stores and other places from where food can be bought are still shut.
7-Eleven, one of the premium convenience stores of US has not yet opened its stores. The chain has hundreds of stores across the US and most of these are still shut at most places after the hurricane left the East coast and other parts of the country nearly battered.
The chain 7-Eleven as mentioned has hundreds of stores across the US and of these nearly 280 of them were still closed as revealed by the company spokesperson. The super storm as is known reached the country on Monday evening and left behind a trail of destruction and havoc. The retailer 7-Eleven, which is owned by Japan’s Seven & I Holdings is its US arm and was one of the retailers that has been affected by the storm.
Another of the popular convenience stores, Wal-Mart too reported that four of its stores were also closed and had not been opened. Wal-Mart, one of the biggest retailers of the US also has hundreds of stores across the country and of these nearly 300 were still shut. The retail giant announced an aid of US $1.5m to help in the relief efforts in areas that were hit the hardest.
The US arm of the Dutch retail giant, Ahold too reported that some of its stores in New Jersey and New York were closed. The company spokes person told the media persons that efforts were on to open the affected outlets as soon as it was possible.
The closure of all the above mentioned convenience stores is surely going to hit the already-devastated residents of the storm-hit areas as they would have to find alternative sources of buying food and other essentials.
The US government was making all efforts to restore the power to all the areas but this could take time. In the meanwhile the store and gas station owners were using emergency generators to keep up the supply up and down the East Coast, which bore the brunt of the storm.