Marrakech Excursions – Questions To Ask Before Booking

Technically speaking, making the wrong move when it comes to booking excursions and tours in and around Marrakech is actually pretty difficult to pull off these days. According to the experts at, the web has made it so easy to book ahead with reputable and established excursion providers that taking chances with dodgy dealers is now 100% unnecessary.

At the same time however, it’s just as true to say that not all excursion providers operate at the same level or provide the same standard of service. As such, it’s a good idea not to take anything for granted, but instead to be ready and willing to ask the right questions. After all, it’s your trip to Morocco and the country’s incredible wonders – surely it’s worth ensuring you get the very best out of your visit, right?

So with this in mind, what follows is a quick introduction to just a few of the most important questions you should ask your excursion provider, unless clarification has already been given:

How Long Have You Been in Business?

This is an important matter for the simple reason that the longer they’ve been doing what they do, the better. Not only does experience breed both knowledge and ability, but it’s also a good sign that they’ve been doing something right all along. By contrast, those that have just got up and running may still be learning the ropes, so to speak.

Are Your Fully Insured?

This should be clarified without there being any real need to ask, but if you’re in any doubt as to the provider’s insurance status, it’s imperative that you ask. It’s almost unheard of for any quality excursion group to operate without insurance these days as to do so is to put the safety and wellbeing of all clients and customers at risk. So it’s of the utmost importance to ask and if you’re in any way unsure, it’s not worth taking the chance.

Is the Trip Suitable for Kids?

Most trips in and around Marrakech are suitable for the whole family and this will normally be made clear on the excursion provider’s website. Nevertheless, there are instances where the nature of any given walk or the conditions of the places the excursion stops off at might make it a trip that’s better-suited to capable adults and teenagers only. The best advice therefore is to never make any assumptions, but to instead ask outright whether or not the trip is suitable for kids.

What Should I Bring Along?

In the case of a quality excursion provider, a comprehensive list will be offered with regard to what is supplied by the company and what you’ll need to bring along yourself. From clothing to sunscreen to food to water and so on, some cover all bases and others leave you to your own devices. As such, it’s a good idea to make double sure what’s included and what you’ll need, in order to ensure you don’t find yourself in a position where an essential supply is back at the hotel.

Can I Change My Plans if Necessary?

While most excursion companies have little choice but to charge for cancellation…their business often depends on doing so…the very best providers will make allowances for changes to organised plans. For example, were you to change your mind about a specific Marrakech excursion and wish to instead book a desert trip, this really shouldn’t be the kind of thing that incurs steep penalty charges. What’s more, there should also be no admin charges to pay whatsoever if booking online, so be prepared to ask about those.

How Physically Demanding is the Trip?

Again, this is important as there will always be some trips that are better-suited to those with limited physical capabilities than others. It will generally be made clear as to what the trip involves and thus who it is suitable for, but feel free to ask if there is anything that’s not 100% clear.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

Last but not least, it’s usually safe to say that if and when the provider has any kinds of guarantees or price promises to speak of, they’ll make them abundantly clear as key selling points. Technically speaking, these kinds of guarantees should be mandatory these days as anything less is a sign of poor confidence and a lack of customer commitment. So if and when you find yourself looking at a provider where the subject of guarantees and price promises seems rather vague, don’t be afraid to ask them for clarification directly.