Will The Cloud Ever Be Truly Private?

Will The Cloud Ever Be Truly Private?

The entire point of services that take advantage of the cloud, is that you can store files privately for your own private use that you can access anywhere. Security was always a big part of the advantages to cloud computing. But with a number of recent setbacks, the question remains as to how secure the Cloud can really be.

Invention of the Cloud

The original hopes with Cloud computing were large. Since the advent of computers that fit in your pockets, such as smart phones and tablets, there have been a lot of ideas for how this technology can best be exploited. One of the big ideas involved cloud computing, which was based on the idea that storage was a problem on devices that small. And that additionally, anything you stored on such devices would be a potential security risk, since it’s easy to misplace such devices. This was especially a concern for employers using BYOB programs to let employees bring and use their own devices. None of the files they used would be secure. As a result, the idea of using the constant Internet connection of modern devices to access storage located in a different location was developed. This is what we now call “the Cloud.”

Cloud Security Hopes

The idea is that you can store all your most private files on the cloud, in order to keep them safe there. After all, if an employee ever left their portable device lying around in an unsecure area, anyone could happen upon it and end up with access if the files were actually just sitting there. But if there was a login to a cloud server instead, then just because someone else gained access to the device, doesn’t mean they would have access to any of the private files. This obviously also applies to individuals. You can keep all of your files secure on the Cloud, so only someone using your login would have access, regardless of what happens to the personal device. It also means that you have additional options like backing up files on the cloud so that they can be erased in an emergency, such as if someone steals your phone and you want to get rid of the personal files on it remotely, but still have those files come back to the new device that you get. This is the power of cloud.

Security Concerns

Despite these high hopes for the cloud, there have been a number of concerns about whether Cloud based storage is really private and safe enough. There have been questions about just who has access to uploaded files afterwards. For example, the provider that you upload the files to may claim that they can use these files for limited purposes. Many people are worried about just what providers might do with information uploaded to their servers. Generally speaking though, many services try to reassure users on this. Examples include Facebook and Google. Both of these companies claim that users retain all ownership of content and information uploaded and posted to their servers, and that privacy for such information is solely in your hands. There are some rights that such services due tend to retain though, so there’s definitely still some grey area here.

In the end, keeping your files safe in the midst of fluctuating privacy laws is just a matter of being careful, and trying to go with Hipaa hosting. This refers to services that are compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which protects your most sensitive information on the cloud. Do all of this, and you can be sure your security will be in good hands.