How To Pack While Travelling Like Boss; The Travel Hacks

Packing when going for a vacation can be both cumbersome, tiresome and outright frustrating. In most cases, we end up packing the things we will not need and forgetting the really important things. In other cases, we pack such hat our bags end up being heavier than the regulations at the airport and paying for overweight shipping becomes expensive. So you got a great coupon, cheap travel offer from dealsplus,, couponmachine and some top stores how do you make sure you pack items correctly?

How To Pack While Travelling Like Boss; The Travel Hacks

  1. Make a Shopping List

Making a list will ensure that you carry only the stuff that makes sense and that you do not carry unimportant stuff such a heavy jacket when it is summer. It also ensures that you can remember what you could have forgotten. Always remember that I writing a shopping list, you flashback and check what you carried In your previous trip that you did not need.

  1. Look at the Weather

This will help you choose the kind of clothes to carry. It would not serve you the right purpose if you pack summer clothes while its fall in the place you are visiting. You will run the risk of being sick.

  1. Consider doing your Laundry on the Way

There are small laundry detergent bottles and some clotheslines being sold at the store. They allow you to wash your clothes and hang those that are dripping wet so they can dry. This way your clothes will serve you for a longer period of time and allow that you only have to pack a few clothes as you can clean when they get dirty.

  1. Roll your Clothes to Prevent Wrinkles

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. This ensures that you have enough space to pack more clothes. It also reduces crises. After rolling your clothes to keep them in vacuum compression bags, remove excess air and close them. It will help you identify clothes easily and ensure you have no ironing problems.

  1. Don’t Pack Toiletries

So you got affordable discounts at makemytrip and are not into spending extra for excess baggage at the airport because your baggage crossed the packing limits? Don’t carry toiletries, you can always buy some at your destination. It will also significantly reduce your luggage weight.

  1. Don’t Carry Heavy Clothes and Excess Shoes

Only carry necessary shoes given that shoes are not at all flexible and they consume a huge amount of space, space that you are trying to save. So, carry only the necessary shoes and pack them in shower caps so they do not ruin your clothes with suede and polish. Instead of packing heavy clothes like jackets, wear them. It will save you the space.

  1. Carry Extra Zip Lock Bags

We all have gadgets with wires that are small such as earphones, chargers, cameras that can easily get lost in the suitcase. It will help if you put them in zip lock bags. It will also be good for your jewelry.

  1. Use Cling-film and Tape and Pot Pourri Bags

Maybe  yatra  gave you an affordable trip to your desired destination. You don’t want to ruin your trip by getting there and finding out that liquids and lotions have spilled on your clothes. Cling film and tape will ensure this does not happen. You also need to keep your clothes fresh. Therefore, put all scented items in a pot pourri bag so they do not mix the scents on your clothes.

Remember to mark your bags so that you are not stranded in trying to identify which one of the bags is ours and which ones belong to other passengers.