Cloud Security Tips

Visions of compromised networks can keep IT specialists up at night. If you’re afraid to work cloud computing into your IT infrastructure for fears of data security breaches you can take actionable tips to quell your anxieties. Although no data is 100% secure and safe at all times knowing where and how your data is stored can give you greater confidence in using the cloud.

Maintaining complete control over your environment is critical. Backing up your data and interviewing current cloud provider clients can give you the feedback you need to make an informed, definite decision to choose a provider and to secure your data.

Where Is Your Data?

Being aware of where your data lives can help secure the network. It’s virtually impossible to secure data if you’ve no idea where it resides. Intrusion prevention and detection can thwart most attacks but when the cloud service provider ceases operating or when you cease your service you have no idea where your data will wind up. You want to know that your precious data resides on a specific machine for peace of mind and of course more secure data. Demand dedicated hardware in a cloud computing service. In a world of intangible and virtual elements being able to touch the device which stores your data gives you confidence in storing the data securely.

Backups Are a Must

Having access to a secure backup of your data can help you keep your information secure. Run frequent backups to have greater control over your data. Big companies can be left with nothing by ignoring this simple but critical form of cyber maintenance. If you want to keep your data safe and business up and running in a threatening environment persistently run backups. Give yourself and your organization increased peace of mind.

Data Centers Need to Take Security Seriously

Know the data center and server securing the data to test each for various security protocols. Intrusion detection, antiviruses and managed firewalls can make your business, data and applications more secure. Cloud and data center providers with proven track records offer you managed services. These businesses also promote improved security measures for managed servers. Check to see if data centers are SOC 2, SAS 70 and SSAE 16 audited and see if their clients are PCI and HIPAA certified.

Word of Mouth Advertising Reigns Supreme

Receiving endorsements from other clients gives you confidence in a cloud provider. You may not listen to a provider’s pitch or marketing materials easily but most people will trust a happy, satisfied customer. Ask provider services for a list of current or past clients. Seek out clients like government organizations, insurance, healthcare industries or any niche which requires strong security measures. Look for a good fit. If other happy clients trumpet a cloud provider’s services you’re likely to have a similar experience with the organization. Get as many references with similar needs as possible to make the right decision for your business. Get it touch with references directly for honest assessments and ask for the steps they have taken to keep their data secure.

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