Travelling Around The World Like A Pro

Travelling can either be an adventure that allows you to see, and experience new things, while making connections with other human beings across the globe on either a personal or professional level, or a nightmare of missed flights, lost luggage, and long layovers. With so many things that can potentially go wrong, it is understandable why some people would rather stay home, and shudder at the thought of stepping foot on another country. Luckily it doesn’t have to be that way. There are certain things you can do and learn to help you, and with a little practice, you will be globetrotting like a pro in no time.

  • Read up on your Destination

Before you leave you might want to do a little research on your destination country. It would be good to know things like the local climate and weather, the kind of food they serve there, security advisories if any and the local culture and customs.

  • Find out what your Internet Connection Options are

Will there be a lot of public Wi-Fi hotspots where you are going, or will you need to get a mi-fi or 3G USB stick? If you are travelling for business purposes you will need to have that taken care of even before you leave.

  • Do your Research on Cell Phone Roaming Charges

Contact your service provider and ask them if the country you are going to will require a roaming service or not and if there are any international service packages you can avail of. Using your cell phones roaming and data functions abroad is quite expensive. The cheapest way to communicate to the fold back home is still using emails or a VoIP service. If you need to use a phone in your destination country you can simply purchase a local SIM card or a cheap second phone.

  • Have a Travel Charger Kit and a Universal Power Adapter

You will need a travel charger kit to adapt your device’s plug to the different types of wall sockets. The adaptor will help regulate the voltage to ensure that your devices don’t fry.

  • Rest up before the Trip

Any sort of traveling if taxing on the body. There will be a lot of walking, standing in line, carrying heavy loads. You won’t always have an opportunity to sit down or eat right away and chances are that you will not be able to sleep well.

  • Keep your Temper in Check

Every country, especially the less developed ones will have that one official who enjoys making life hard on everybody. Simple bite your tongue, and keep smiling. Don’t lose your temper even when the situation requires you to be firm, and always be polite.

  • Watch what you Eat

While sampling the local cuisine is one of the highlights of visiting a new country it is best to play it safe if you have food allergies or a weak stomach. Stick to bottled beverages, even when brushing your teeth. Wash your hands often and make sure your food is properly cooked. If you have a weak stomach better stay away from food that is too spicy. You stomach will thank you for it.’

  • Blend in with the Local Culture

From a recreational point of view, getting the most of your trip is to leave to hotel once in a while to really experience the other countries culture. From a safety point of view, the less you call attention on yourself as a “tourist” by acting and dressing similarly to the locals the better.

  • Use the Technology you have

Chances are you will be bringing a laptop a tablet or a smartphone with you. There are dozens of apps designed to help you while you are travelling. There are apps for local maps, directories of restaurants and hotels, apps to help convert different currencies, and even apps for translation.