How To Optimize Marketing If You Run A Travel Website

How the times change! If you wanted to travel a decade ago, the planning started with a phone call or trip to a travel agency. Today people have moved to another place – the internet. A study on Google reported that 74% of both leisure and travel planning is done on the internet today. Travel companies like Expedia and the Priceline Group that saw this coming were quick to cash in on the paradigm shift, while the others have been left playing catchup.

This field, albeit filled with many players, is still competitive. If you find a niche and capitalize on it, there are terrific chances of building a successful business in the travel world. And of course, advertising your business online is equally important to gain traction and maintain it. Here are some suggestions on how you can optimize marketing for your travel business online:

Create Season Specific Ads

There is no use promoting skiing in the summer. Nor is it a good idea to promote a trip to the Himalayan region between December and February. Use the data from Google Adsense to find what most of your customers are searching for during a specific period and promote those tours. It is important to use data from search engines to locate trends and be relevant to your target audience.

Create Location-specific Campaigns

Creating location-specific campaigns gives you more control over your budget for higher interest locations and pausing and unpausing ad campaigns, according to Margot da Cunha from Wordstream. Thus, you can run campaigns to promote upcoming tours and vacations during a specific period and pause them when they are not relevantly and use those funds optimally elsewhere.

Focus on an Unexplored Niche

Legendary ad copywriter Claude Hopkins took Schlitz Beer from 5th place in USA to a joint 1st place within a few months. How? By stating how Schlitz Beer cleaned their bottles and prepared their beer. Though it was the same thing that their competition was doing also, no one except Schlitz Beer cared to mention it. So if you are have tied up with a hotel that boasts of a picturesque location by the sea or on a mountain, display the essence and uniqueness of that location in your advertising. This is where visual ads come in handy.

Use Content to Attract your Target Audience

It is best that you visit a destination before advertising it on your website. This will make your package offering more relevant and unique. Plus it will help you generate better content in form of stories of the place, its culture and experiences that you can compile in an ebook and market on Facebook and Twitter. These will be handy in capturing email addresses of potential customers and building a strong newsletter base.

Keep a Clean Landing Page

Each location-specific campaign should have a separate and relevant landing page. Ensure that the visitor finds exactly what she was promised on this page and does not have to scout around for information. And have just one call-to-action on this page. Evaluate what you want the visitor to do most and encourage just that action. Too many calls to action will confuse visitors and they generally will leave without doing anything.

With the amount of competition on the internet and vast content available, advertising your business is essential to increase your reach. Your website’s design and keywords targeted contribute as much as your bid amount here. So ensure that your advertising is specific to the season and location and entices people to click it. An optimized online marketing plan is a business’ best friend, and you should take advantage of it by doing the right things to go one-up on your competition.

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