How To Access Blocked Websites

How To Access Blocked Websites

Are you a frequent traveler? Or maybe you’re a college student who needs to access a site deemed unfit by your university. Whether you’re a globe trotter, college student or full time employee who is eager to visit a restricted website you can work around any blocks to get the content you crave. In some cases you may want a quick fix in terms of a video or article but in other cases the block may be much more restricting.

Financial sites and other web property with sensitive financial information can be picky when it comes to logging in from certain countries with scamming histories. If you need to log in to your bank or online payment processor you could be in for a nightmare scenario depending on where you’re visiting. Online entrepreneurs need to find ways to unblock sites to get paid on the road. These methods below can help you circumvent any stubborn blocks.

Use these tips to access blocked websites.

Go Short to Redirect

Did you know that you can get around blocked sites with a short URL? A specific URL may be banned but if the banning body was a bit lazy you can get around the ban with a short URL in some cases. Simply plug your desired URL into the service and use the link the shortener spits out. If you’re in luck you can access the site in seconds. Experiment with different link shortening site to see which one seems the most dependable. Newer sites may not be worked into blocking algorithms. It may pay to go with the new URL shortening kid on the block to get the information you need.

Go Wayback

Using the Wayback Machine is a clever way to access blocked websites. This neat service keeps copies of older versions of websites. You can enter an old date to access a copy via a cached version. Visit the blocked website through this older version to get around the website block. Try different dates to test the system. Not only will you be able to get onto restricted sites you’ll also have a chuckle at how blogs and other websites looked many years ago.

Use a DNS Proxy

Use Smart DNS proxy to unblock your favorite sites. Browse the web freely to watch your favorite TV shows from anywhere in the world. You can also gain access to streaming services through sites like Netflix and Hulu. The unblocking occurs via a network of fast, dependable DNS servers located around the globe. You’d change your DNS IP address to their DNS Proxy IP to surf through their network.

Whatever method you choose to us to unblock restricted websites be persistent. Some techniques may not work as well as others. In some cases it’s well worth it to use a premium service for accessing restricted websites. This rings true if you need to log in to a bank or payment processing site to deposit or withdraw funds. Try a few different methods, be patient and you’ll be able to access the site you want to unblock.