Best Used Upscale Cars Under 12k

Cars sales are up and you may be looking to purchase your own new or used car. That being said, you don’t want anything plain or ordinary. You want something with a little style to it. Something that makes a bit of a statement but you can’t afford it new. Don’t you worry, we have compiled this list of the best used upscale small cars for under 25k.
Used 2010 Volkswagen GTI
we could have gone with the 2011 version of this car but for a little less you get an equally good deal. The famous German company brings their stylish and hip name to American with the GTI. It offers a refined performance, is well-made, has good fuel economy and a spacious cabin.   Reviewers all agreed that one of the best features of this car is its almost perfect balance of interior comfort and performance. It is available in two or four door packages and did we mention the turbocharged engine? The only down side is the poor reliability score but given the German companies reputation it shouldn’t be a huge issue. It comes standard with a heated seats, Bluetooth and touch screen radio and iPod adapter.  Upgrades include leather seats, power sunroof and navigation. It has a turbocharged 2.0 liter I4 engine with 200hp and 21/31.
Used 2010 Volvo C30
These used cars are a very stylish, retro looking car that is fun to drive. Its strong reliability ratings, superb safety ratings and versatile cabin make it a very smart buy for its class. That being said it seats four but has limited cargo space and the rear seats can be cramped. Then again you aren’t likely to be loading it up with camping gear for the weekend. It depends on what you need.  It comes in two trims which both feature a turbocharged engine.  Upgrades include satellite radio, navigation and leather seats. The engine is a turbocharged, 2.5 liter I5 with 227hp and 21/29mpg.
Used 2010 Acura TSX
These used cars are slick and stylish and fun to drive. It has a high quality interior and a surprisingly high number of standard features for its class. It also boast beast-in-class reliability and safety features, making it even more attractive used. The cabin is well made and comes with leather seats satellite radio, USB ports and Bluetooth. The base engine is underpowered but can be upgraded to a nice V6. The other knock on this car was weak brakes and unresponsive steering. While it is recommended you get the upgrade the base engine is a 2.4 liter I4 with 201hp and 20/28mpg.
Jeff Jordan writes in lives in Southern California. He writes about a variety of topics including automobiles and colleges such as Trident University.