5 Reasons To Take A Bus To The Airport

For anyone with a large car in the UK, airport transfers by bus are an idea that rarely comes to mind. If their vehicle is large enough to handle the job and they can drive themselves or their families, what’s the point of booking a bus transfer and paying for such a service?

It seems like nothing but common sense, but it’s actually not as black and white. In reality, it might be a bit surprising to learn that when considering all of the pros and cons, it’s quite difficult not to admit that bus transfers represent a superior alternative in many ways.

So what is it that makes airport transfer buses by Britannia Coaches, for example, better-suited than driving?

There are many reasons, but let’s take a look at the five most important:

It’s Much Easier

A coach transfer service that will take you to the airport means absolutely no effort at all. Aside from booking the provider in the first place, everything else will be covered and it’s just a case of sitting back, enjoying the view and relaxing while somebody else does all the work. If you need to catch one of those seriously unpleasant flights that depart at 4am, an airport transfer service can save you a lot of energy and nerves at such an early hour. Forget about all the fuss and kick off your journey in relaxing style – a coach transfer service can offer all that!

5 Reasons To Take A Bus To The Airport

It’s More Reliable

Then of course comes the argument that choosing a pre-booked bus transfer to the airport is to choose the more reliable way of travelling. The reason is simple – your car may have a spare tyre somewhere, but an organised transfer from a professional coach company will come backed by all kinds of contingency plans. This means that no matter what happens on the way to the airport, they will find a way to solve the problem and get you where you need to be in a timely and safe manner. When you rely on an organised transfer you will never find yourself stranded somewhere along the way as it might be the case if there is a breakdown when you drive yourself to the airport. With a booked transfer you’re never on your own.

It’s Safer

How can a transfer by bus be safer than driving your-self to the airport? There are two reasons. The first is that most people are simply not used to driving at all times of the night if they need to catch an early flight. By contrast, a professional driver will not be disturbed by insufficient sleep and will know exactly how and where to drive in order to get you and your belongings to your destination in one piece. Another reason concerns the safety of your car. Even the most secure airport car park is not 100% – no park is! As such, it’s a better idea to take the bus in both directions and leave the car in the garage.

It’s Faster

Can a bus transfer be faster than driving yourself to the airport? Yes, it can and it only comes down to a couple of things. Driver’s knowledge and experience is essential of course, but one wonderful little creation called bus lanes can make all the difference. Buses in most parts of the UK are immune to the effects of traffic jams and congestion, while the same cannot be said about cars. As such, for the sake of comfort and timeliness it is in the best interest of everybody to consider an organised bus transfer.

It’s Often Cheaper

And last but not least important comes the matter of coach airport transfers being cheaper than driving. When you take into account the often very high costs of airport parking services, it is nearly impossible to pay more for a bus service than what you would pay if you’d drive yourself. When a whole family or a group is travelling the savings can be truly significant which, when coupled with the above benefits and perks and peace of mind results in an unbeatable package. Book with a recognised bus company and you will be guaranteed the lowest prices in the UK, which simply means that if you do find a better price elsewhere, you will be given back the money difference.

Seriously – why consider anything else than enjoyable and stress-free coach airport transfers?