Tips To Make A Split-Screen Video

Split screen is the particular technique wherein one actor is facilitated to appear twice in a scene. One version appears on the left side and the second one lies on the right side of the screen. The duplication seems to be real. Facility of split screen is popular in film, music video and TV video production.

This split screen software facilitates lucrative discount packages. It is meant for the people that intend to make the split-screen video as their profession or do this just for hobby. Anyone can make the split-screen video with the following tips-

Download the software – Persons desirous of splitting the screen are advised to download this reliable software that is quite simple.

Add videos – Addition of files is done after recognizing the videos that are to be turned into split screen videos. You may select Add DVD in case the work is related with the videos.

Dragging the videos – Four default tracks, i.e. one for the video, two for audio and one for subtitles are required on the timeline. Same numbers of video tracks (maximum of four) are required as many video clips are intended to be placed on the split screen. Drag one video clip onto each track after adding the correct numbers of new tracks.

Choosing the appearance of split screen – Click the Transform section in the Effects panel. You will come across many effects that may be used to split. Choosing the splitting method preferred by you enables you to apply the effects from the relevant groups. The process can be accomplished half horizontally, half vertically, in thirds vertically and into four quarters.

Managing looks of split screen video – You may prefer the split-screen effect as your desire. This can be done by clicking one of the video tracks on the Timeline. If you intend to put the selected vide on the left side, click on the Split Screen-2H Left. This makes only the left part of the original video visible. Hit the Crop after opening the Setting panel. You will be able to have a glance at the complete original video. This enables you to select the particular section that you intend to crop. This is followed by clicking the next video clip. The process is repeated for further splitting of the screen.

Sound Management – To avoid disharmony of all the sounds, make use of Volume slider and select the soundtrack that you like to have on the video. You may add a music track from the computer or from your own voiceover.

Saving the clip – You can make the split screen for the audience by clicking the Save Movie button. Select the format option that you think to be best for the public. The folder with the split-screen opens in automatic manner after this entire process is completed in a viable manner.

This split-screen package is unique and advantageous in terms of genuine rates and good discounts. It has become popular amongst large numbers of aspirants.